Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Conspiracy Theorists - How Are They Different?

One way they are different from the average person is that they DON'T put more trust in "official" sources than they do in less "vetted" ones.

In other words, it's not that they are more believing of "fake news" sources. It's that they are LESS believing of official sources - who, after all, can lie.

Study finds that so-called conspiracy theorists are NOT paranoid. Although they share some characteristics with paranoids, they clearly are not suspicious of everyone. They differentiate between those they cannot trust to tell the truth, and those who they accept as generally reliable.

In other words, there is a distinct difference between the mental condition of paranoia, and the response of people who have learned - often through had experience - that many in government or industry are untrustworthy.

These are, however, psychological studies - a general category that often has major problems with replication (ability to duplicate the results). So, take what they say skeptically.


Kye said...

Well, Linda I'm one of those who don't necessarily put more trust in the "official" policy people. I don't trust them and they have proven to me over the years they shouldn't be trusted. The "less vetted" sources frequently are more on the ball and more dedicated to truth than to "being first" or supporting the narrative.

Glenda T Goode said...

Conspiracy theorists are different from Paranoid people as they have a target for their accusations. Paranoid people are scared of everything.

The theorist has a purpose in their creating a story and it is to support their beliefs. The target can move and be different things but the cause is always directly affecting the theorist as a victim. Some people need to have an excuse for everything in their world that does not work out; even if the failure is their own fault.

They blame others who have joined together to defeat them. The reason for the coalition of evil souls who conspire against them is never really offered as there is no logical reason for anyone to join with others to destroy the life of some random loser.

Linda Fox said...

Good points here.