Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Very Definition of Chutzpah

The Democratic-leadership has stepped into what is an Executive function , and decided that THEY have the right to order around the Dept. of Justice.

There are several things that struck me about the letter - first, the neither the President nor his attorneys have been given access to the information available to select members of Congress, absent an indictment.

So, we have the explanation of why this 'investigation' has dragged on so long, without charging the President. They did this as a way of keeping him from accessing information about improprieties in the Dept. of Justice.

They became emboldened by the ability to conduct their plot without fearing that their machinations would be exposed. That, coupled by the truly juvenile over-emotional texting of several of the participants, has put them in a very bad way. And, remember - we have seen some of the plot released, with 'bad optics'. The Leftists have batted away the clear meaning of the texts and emails.

Just how bad do the non-released parts have to be to get this level of panic started?

If the communications of the plotters is released, there is no way to pretend that this was a fair process. Their only hope, a Hail Mary play, is to stop this release of the truth. That's why they sought to bring in the accuser - they were hoping to block a non-Leftist justice from being seated. The Supreme Court may be needed, to settle this. Between the Leftist Justices, and those whom they can - uh - PERSUADE to see things their way - they plan to keep in power.

Furthermore, the 'investigators' would be specifically that department that has been SHOWN to be filled with partisan, biased people. The fact that the Dems feel comfortable with the FBI handling this, is more reason to keep their hands off this entirely. They wouldn't call for the FBI to investigate if they didn't believe that they could control them.

Instead, this all happens before the election. When it seems that they might actually lose seats, not gain them. I just don't see the Socialists getting the votes from the average man/woman, even if Democrat.

Here's a link to one who sees the connection to history in this well-deserved smackdown.

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