Saturday, September 1, 2018

The GOP’s inner dweeb army.

Once he won the election, the political establishment adjusted its tactics. Paul Ryan rallied the dweeb army inside the GOP to basically ignore Trump’s agenda. That’s why nothing happened on the border wall, immigration or infrastructure. The point is being made that working with Trump would be death for any Republican. In fact, the leadership went out of its way to make sure nothing Trump wanted was in the last budget. The message was being sent that the people in charge saw Trump as a hostile outsider to be resisted.

Even as the evidence of a sedition plot to alter the 2016 campaign mounts, you’ll notice that the grandees of the House GOP are stone silent on the matter.[1]

Silence of the grave. Where is the outrage?

My severest criticism of Donald Trump is that he appears not to know that he’s president. He complains about Sessions and Rosenstein but does not remove them. Karl Denninger’s trademark “take no prisoners” take on that is great.

The Republicans in the House are doing yeoman’s work to get to the bottom of what can only be seen as a constitutional crisis but Trump lifts not a finger to force the release of unredacted documents or punish bureaucrats who stonewall congressional subpoenas.

Adam Lovinger, a whistleblower formerly with DOD, is hung out to dry by Trump even though he has exposed the payment of enormous sums of money to an odd Cambridge professor who’s been a “consultant” to the FBI on the Trump presidential campaign. Any lights going on in the presidential noggin? Not so’s you’d notice. Good luck Mr. Lovinger in your new career. Don't delude yourself that the president has your back.

There’s this strange black hole into which presidential awareness falls so that we have this strange circumstance of Trump doing great work on trade, goosing the Eurotwerps on NATO (though there’s still the question of whom NATO is defending humanity against), talking to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un, and deregulation but yet a complete lack of outrage, energy, and interest over tech giant censorship, attacks on free speech (as de facto government entities a la Caitlin Johnstone), media monopoly, defiance of ICE, and a near-total abdication of law enforcement at all levels on the matter of AntiFa street thuggery, a descriptor that hardly begins to express my hatred and contempt of such slime. AntiFa scum were even interfering with his campaign rallies but still no residual awareness of their threat to civil society.

But, it’s the same in the GOP as a whole. It seems more invested in the Never Trump phenomenon and even actively obstructs Trump as witness the last appropriation act that was nothing less than a studied insult to Trump. True to form, though, Trump meekly rolled over with only feeble protest.

The left is deranged and conniving to bring the whole house down around us, and the GOP and Trump act like they have not the slightest awareness that we’re in the midst of a constitutional crisis. No one can be counted on to do his or her job and it's only the Arpaios, O'Keefes, Fittons, Nuneses, Jordans, Beesleys, Johnstone's, Coulters, Bartletts, etc. and such magnificent people who seem to be holding the line. Welcome to America on autopilot and busted hydraulics.

[1] "The Encirclement." By The Zman, The Burning Platform, 8/27/18.

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