Friday, September 21, 2018

Get On Gab And Help To Defend It!

     A Gab user has just captured the following on Twitter:

     How much do you value freedom of expression in the digital domain?


Linda Fox said...

I regularly post on Gab. It was, early on, infested with Leftist maggots, who used bots and fake accounts to make it appear that it was a neo-Nazi site.

Now, they want to bring in the gay porn. Oy!

Kye said...

Why are they trying to destroy Gab?

Francis W. Porretto said...

Gab is friendly to freedom of expression. Its owner and developer, Andrew Torba, has vowed to keep it uncensored except for illegal forms of porn and "doxxing." The Left cannot abide the existence of a platform it cannot control. That would undermine their "deplatforming" strategy. It would provide a forum for conservative and libertarian opinion they could not dominate. So they're determined to render it too noxious to be borne.

Kye said...

Thank you. I will now explore Gab.

Joseph said...

Another possibility: The Mastodon Federation

Since Mastodon is distributed, a specific instance might try censoring but it's always possible to start a new one.

BTW, what would happen if the President announced he was going on Gab or starting a Mastodon instance?