Sunday, September 30, 2018


     This one took place in the local CostCo:

FWP: (looking at what CSO’s carrying) Three pounds of mesquite wings?
CSO: Yes, ready to eat. Don’t worry, I won’t eat them all at once.

FWP: Well, you could, but you’d regret it later.
CSO: No, I think I’d regret it right away.

FWP: I prefer to defer my regretting. I get more mileage out of it that way.
CSO: (sniffs) When do you get around to it?
FWP: Saturdays, at Confession.

CSO: Ah, you papists. We do all our regretting on one day every year.
FWP: You matzoh-ball types have to hang on to a whole year’s regrets waiting for that one day to come around. We theophages clear the meter once a week. Less strain on the conscience.

CSO: Figured out how to make sure you die on a Sunday?
FWP: Working on it.

     Yeah, we get a lot of really odd looks at times like those.

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Drake's Place said...

Oh my, were you not OFFENDED ??!?
Don't know if I could have handled it as smoothly as you, Francis. Bless you.