Sunday, September 9, 2018

American political vengeance.

No one suggests Richard Nixon was without sin in trying to cover up the Watergate break-in. But no one should delude himself into believing that the overthrow of that president, not two years after he won the greatest landslide in U.S. history, was not an act of vengeance by a hate-filled city that ran a sword through Nixon for offenses it had covered up or brushed under the rug in the Roosevelt, Kennedy and Johnson years.[1]
As the anti-Trump coup attempt is showing, viciousness is part and parcel of American politics and Nixon was as hated as Trump is now for having taken on Alger Hiss. Joe McCarthy was also crucified for merely asking, reasonably enough, why so many communists were employed by the federal government.[2]

FDR made no mention of his ultra-revolutionary intentions in his first campaign and, in fact, campaigned on a platform that was the polar opposite of what he dumped on America afterwards. He did his utmost to provoke the Japanese attack and the suspicious lingers on that he knew the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming. Saint Franklin. Kennedy liked to pick up prostitutes on 13th Street, NW, in his presidential limousine and screw young women in the White House pool, but he was presented to America as the dernier cri of elegance and class. Camelot indeed. His father’s purchase of critical votes in Chicago is well known but perturbed no known Democrat. Nixon, the patriot and statesman, chose not to put the country through the turmoil of an election challenge but his subsequent common sense “Southern Strategy” made beautiful people apoplectic. How dare that brute appeal to people who thought they were being sold a bill of goods!

Note amazing similarity.
Johnson too rose to the Senate with the help of vote fraud and, while president, did nothing about the deliberate Israeli air and naval attack on the USS Liberty. His disgusting habits in dealing with subordinates in the WH are well known. No incessant outcry about Johnson’s crassness was heard but Trump’s private conversation with some slime ball was splashed across the air waves and a salacious, manufactured “dossier” has been used to portray him as a lowlife caricature of a man. The fires of Hell are not hot enough for a man like him who has called attention the elites' sellout out of the back bone of America!

So what crimes and scandals bubble to the surface in our national politics are the result of a highly partisan and selective process, the spear point being leftist media hyenas crying about contrived garbage like (1) Russian collusion, aggressive expansion, and inhuman military tactics, (2) the Iranian threat to Lubbock, Texas, and (3) Trump obstruction and mental instability. As ever, the real story is in what isn’t demonized. Think open borders, Living Constitution, Propositional Nation, Nation of Immigrants, AntiFa, queer agenda, black dysfunction and crime, legal discrimination against whites, media monopoly, tech giant manipulation and suppression, H1-B visa abuse, vote fraud, feminist lunacy, university capitulation to mob idiocy and malice, illegal and unconstitutional wars, Islamic subversion and savagery, and the gargantuan federal government. Yes, pilgrims. It's "the Russians."

And looking at the process as a whole, as Buchanan does, is instructive in understanding the outrageous, selective attack on our political system that is underway at this moment. Not against any real threat to the Republic but only against threats to the ultra-left, sell-out Deep State.

[1] "Regime Change—American Style." By Pat Buchanan, Chronicles, 9/7/18.
[2]  Jack Cashill describes the uneven application of federal criminal law for smaller fry. Sandy Berger stole as many classified 9/11 documents as he could stuff into his underwear but got a slap on the wrist but Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby took it in the neck for far less serious conduct. People whose names are very familiar to us today were involved back then as well.

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