Saturday, September 1, 2018

Until You See the Whole List in One Place... really don't realize just how much they hate you.

They really do. They want anyone - no matter how young, innocent, or determinedly non-oppostional to their plans - dead.



It's not everyone in that column. The go-alongs, who are sucked in because that side is the "nice, compassionate group", mostly are against your death.


Although, they WILL stand by, making sure that you haven't the means to avoid it, helping those that DO want you dead to keep you confined until such time as your death can be arranged.

They would prefer this - assumption of body temperature - takes place out of their sight. Like in the abortion facilities - they are REALLY against those icky pictures that show what is happening. God forbid that the 'reality-based' lifeforms face the cold reality of the consequences of their principles.

But, they want you dead more than they want to have to face up to the fact that they cooperated with Evil. If only they can - um - eliminate your inconvenient shouting of the facts, they can rest easy - sort of - at night. They are not pro-death, exactly.

They just prefer to have these necessary deaths occur out of their sight, and with euphemistic words hiding the reality. So they can still think of themselves as good people.

I pity them. I really do. Most of them have gone along for so long, built up their friendships and alliances, that, if they walked away now, they would be sadly adrift. No friends. No emotional support for a difficult future. They would have to face their complicity with no soft phrases to soothe their conscience.

Instead, they are hanging together, telling themselves comforting stories, bolstering up their fragile sense of decency.

Whistling in the wind.

God help them when the truth becomes so evident that they can no longer lie to themselves.


Jess said...

Those so willing to destroy the nation are a small part of people that identify as Democrats. They're only strong because the media is infiltrated by those so willing to embrace the evils of Socialism and Communism. There is where the problem lies, and exposing this evil is important.

Mark said...

Sometimes, the veil slips and they let you know what their real desires are. In last week's Doonesbury, one of Trudeau's characters fantasizes about his desires for 2021. In this fantasy, newly-elected President Biden rounds up Trump voters to be placed in "re-education centers" to be properly "educated."

Clearly, they wish to inflict great harm upon us.