Thursday, September 6, 2018

In the Run-Up to the Election

...keep in mind the many methods the Left is using to swing - if not falsify - the vote.

Facebook 'Influence' - Glenn Reynolds is FAR more generous than I am.

The Election Year 'October Surprise' - more Business As Usual - and, now, even more so. However, the timing of the NYT Anonymous op-ed makes it clear that they aren't waiting this year. They're mounting a Full-Court Press, NONSTOP, until the election is over (IF they stop then).

Fight back. Get off social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook, which have declared War on Trump. Make an announcement, stick to it, and detach yourself from the Forces Working to Dumb-ify You. Set your Feed to No Notifications, which will assist you in detaching.

BTW, read about election interference in previous years at the link above. I'd honestly forgotten about most of the shenigans that worked to throw the election to Bill Clinton. Remember, it takes not only a dedicated effort to finagle public opinion, but YOUR cooperation, as well.

Take heart - fortunately, the average American is a lot smarter than the Left HOPES they are.

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