Saturday, September 15, 2018

Report from the Carolinas on Florence

Except for the coast, and some freak accidents, it's been calm and not all that bad. Even for a Cat 1 hurricane, the amount of storm surge has been devastating to property. I think it's time to change the Flood Insurance practices, which would include rates for new property that discourage further building along the coasts, and only have complete re-building payouts for those owners who will agree to build further inland.

Perhaps some program that provides quick cash from the insurance companies for those agreeing to turn over the rights to the property to a trust that will NOT allow building in the future on that site.

I also think that we need to start looking at higher rates on beachfront and nearby property. Why should the rest of the USA pay for a life of sun and fun for the privileged? At least, if the person won't agree to leave, their rates should be jacked up quite a bit. Pay for the privilege of inhabiting a risky site.

I do believe that many were HOPING - just PRAYING - for this to be the Killer Storm that would take Trump down. That Trump had handled the Puerto Rican hurricane, Maria, which was far more destructive, without a PR disaster, must have been quite disappointing to the Left.

That number you may see pushed at the public (3K+)? Not true. The essence of Fake News.

The good news is - this hurricane was far less destructive than previously feared. I think I can confidently state that in the upper northern SC region (right near Charlotte), we will not even suffer much loss of power or damage. Minimal for both.

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