Sunday, September 16, 2018

Modern-Day Slavery

We technically no longer have legal slavery in this country.


Because, for too many people, their employment is contingent on accepting less-than-market wages, payoffs to contractor-bosses, debt-slavery, hazardous conditions, no benefits, and little legal recourse.

I'm talking about the people lured to the USA with promises of jobs, education and health care, and little fear of being deported. Because, the Left will fight the government tooth-and-nail to prevent it.

So, what Rush says about California's secession-in-all-but-name is correct.
The state of California is in utter defiance of federal law each and every day, much like Southern states during the Confederacy were. In fact, they’re much like the Southern states, when you get right down to it, except the subject is illegal immigration, not slavery.
Illegal immigration is fueled by the cynical exploitation of these foreigners, in a way that approximates slavery (limited freedom of movement, tied to a single employer, dependent on charity for housing and health care, and the refusal of the legal authorities to recognize their grievances or to protect them from abuse).

From the site:

In short, very much like slavery. So, the modern Democrat is still in the same business as his ancestors - profiting from and facilitating slavery.


Glenda T Goode said...

The parallels are so uncanny. The entire issue of the defiance of federal law is built upon will. The state of California is willfully allowing illegals to be used like this. They claim to be superior in terms of human rights and yet, we see literal slavery in the farm fields.

A large portion of the nation is opposed to unfettered immigration. For theories sake imagine if all the illegals were stopped at the border and the massive pool of cheap labor that is made up of their cousins already here decided to not work in the fields for marginal wages. We as consumers in the east rely on cheap produce that is picked in the same fields. Are we hypocrites for demanding a stop to illegal immigration and yet, demanding cheap produce?????

This is a thorny thicket of complicates issues that puts us in a place where in some ways, we are supporting the actions of the state of California. I am not saying that we should not limit immigration. I just want to point out that there are costs to be paid if the status quo changes.

Kye said...

Did the North fight slavery in the 1860's not realizing the price of tobacco, cotton, alfalfa, soy and other products from the slave plantations of the South would increase dramatically?

I've spent my adult life amused at the stupidity of today's negro being completely ignorant of the fact the democrats have only moved them from chains on a plantation to free cheese in a ghetto. There is a total disconnect between reality and perception in the negro brain. The more the left/democrats abuse the negro the more the negro votes for them. They blame "the white man" when they should blame themselves and democrats. It's amazing.

Linda Fox said...

Not stupidity - many are as intelligent as the average person. Think of it as Cultic belief. The Dems have attained an unthinkingly suppported status in many households or circles. To oppose any facet of their platform puts you outside the comfortable crowd. For many, social isolation is unthinkable.

Joseph said...

There is a difference between the power of the whip and the power of the dollar.