Thursday, September 20, 2018

An Oldie, but a Goodie

Found a reference to this on House of Eratosphenes. I'd heard many of these, but not in one place before.

Back in the Old Days, in school, I remember a math teacher (new, and not very good, but...) who taught about classical logic syllogism. For example,

All dogs are mammals,
Spot is a dog,
Therefore, Spot is a mammal.

It's pretty simple. I do remember one or two students who didn't get it. Just couldn't grasp the format of the steps. They would construct things like this:

All women have boobs.
Caitlyn has boobs.
Therefore, Caitlyn is a woman.

The distinction between the first and the second is lost on these people. It would seem to be a foolproof test for Progressives.

No Progressive can understand logic.
Diane Feinstein is a Progressive.
Therefore, DiFi cannot understand logic.

Yep. It does seem to work.

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