Saturday, September 29, 2018

Preemptively Protecting Our Men

     The scurrilous barrage of vicious and implausible accusations the Left has mounted against Judge Brett Kavanaugh has achieved more than one remarkable result. The first and most conspicuous, of course, was the rise of Senator Lindsey Graham to alpha status. A second one, which really should have occurred well before this, was the surge of interest in just exactly how men might safeguard ourselves against similar assaults by vindictive women. That, of course, has been accompanied by a predictable renewal of interest in the wisdom of the late Billy Graham, which has most famously been adopted by Vice President Mike Pence.

     I expected the above. But one I didn’t expect appears at PJMedia, under Megan Fox’s byline.

     Fox’s article provides excellent advice to the parents of daughters, aimed at keeping them out of situations in which they might be abused or might succumb to an unwise impulse. It’s worth reading in its entirety, but its recommendations are neatly summarized in its four subheads:

1. Take her to church.
2. Teach her to be sober, wise, and chaste.
3. Get her self-defense training and teach her to shoot.
4. Fight like hell, get evidence, come forward, and LOCK THE BASTARD UP.

     I fully expect America’s shrieking feminists to assail Miss Fox brutally for her wisdom, especially for the following bit:

     Since everyone is fascinated by yearbooks, I recently took out one of mine and found this inscription by one of my friends: "If you mean no, don't dress like you mean yes!"

     After I chuckled, I thought about how far we've come from that very sound advice. It doesn't mean you deserve to get raped if you wear a mini-skirt. It doesn't mean that you have to be Amish either. What it does mean is that if you want to be respected then dress like it.

     Once upon a time this was broadly understood, by both men and women. The boundaries one wants others to note and respect are expressed in several ways. One of them is dress. There’s a contextual element to this, of course. No one but a Muslim expects a woman not to wear a swimsuit at the poolside. But going to a party that will serve alcohol and be populated by young persons of both sexes in a bikini is, to put it mildly, unwise. At the very least there’ll be “talk.”

     All that having been said, I must note the insight of Esteemed Co-Conspirator Linda Fox:

     My thinking on the Kavanaugh accusations by Ford are colored by my knowledge of women. With many (not all, but greater than 25%), it's more important that their victims SUFFER, than they receive full restitution.

     Let's put it this way:

     If a woman has a grudge against a man, and sees an opportunity to get him charged with a crime, she is more interested in finding a way for him to suffer, than to see him convicted.

     Gentle Reader, you won’t get such candor from many women, at least not in our time. It implies something very unpleasant for men, but impossible to refute:

Unless you’ve video-recorded your entire life,
You will always be vulnerable to a woman’s spite.

     That’s a fact, in this era of “#MeToo” and a man being deemed guilty of sexual misconduct upon a mere accusation. Remember the Scottsboro Boys? Remember what happened to Steven Pagones? Remember the “Duke Lacrosse” case and the young men whose reputations were despoiled by Crystal Gail Mangum, now in prison for second-degree murder?

     Men fight with physical weapons. Women fight with emotional weapons – and there’s nothing in their arsenal more potent than sexual slander. Ask any high school girls’ clique. Just now, the Left is heavily “feminized.” That has implications that men, especially prominent and wealthy men, must beware.

     No man is absolutely safe in a society that has weaponized the vicious edge of a woman’s tongue. That too is a fact: one men must resolve to endure until the current sexual-assault hysteria has damped down to pre-Weinstein levels.


Linda Fox said...

The OTHER Ms. Fox has good advice. It's worth mentioning that, as men are primarily VISUAL creatures:

What you LOOK like is more important than what you SAY.

Men tend to tune women's words out. They pay very good attention to what they wear, however, and to other visual signals. If those signals are in conflict, they discount the audio.

Cederq said...

So very true Miss Fox. Boys tune out women early in life, mothers, sisters, school teachers, women of some authority. Boys will respond to a male readily. Boys will watch and learn, men teach that way.


Good advice.

In Judaism, per reading the excellent book "Twerski on Spirituality", the single gravest crime is NOT murder but slander/libel. A murder victim dies; false witness against them can live forever.

And if you'll forgive my plug, my latest essay is up - the first in what will likely be a series of "big conspiracies"...

Big Conspiracy: Electing a New Population

Malcolm said...

“…in every village there were people who in one way or another had personally gotten in the way of the local activists. This was the perfect time to settle accounts with them of jealousy, envy, insult. A new word was needed for all these new victims as a class—and it was born. By this time it had no "social" or "economic" content whatsoever, but it had a marvelous sound: podkulachnik — "a person aiding the kulaks." In other words, I consider you an accomplice of the enemy. And that finishes you! The most tattered landless laborer in the countryside could quite easily be labeled a podkulachnik."

Reg T said...

Why aren't conservative senators holding their liberal colleagues' feet to the fire about Bill Clinton? If women must be believed, why isn't he being assaulted by the liberals in the same fashion as Kavanaugh?


@Reg T: They have in the past, or at least tried to.

But my own observations is that Leftists are herd beasts; they only care about the opinions of their in-group. Even when confronted with actual facts, if that information comes from outside their own circles, they're immune. It's very like a high school clique.