Monday, September 3, 2018

Question: Where’s your job description?

Since before he took office Trump was besieged within his own administration by a hostile phalanx of Democrats, almost all of the GOP establishment, the federal law enforcement and intelligence nomenklatura, and the media. It doesn’t help that his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, seems to think he has nothing better to do than crank up the civil forfeiture machine and give states a hard time for playing fast and loose with federal marijuana laws, while a criminal anti-constitutional conspiracy operates under his nose at the Department of Justice and the FBI in cahoots with elements of the US and British intelligence agencies.[1]
U.S. government.

I once had a job in the Army to meet and escort a visiting general who came around periodically to inspect our unit. I asked him what he looks for and he replied simply that he looks to see if people are doing their jobs.

It’s not complicated but now, however, good luck seeing it asked What is your job and are you doing it? Police won’t shut down AntiFa but collude with it instead. Teachers teach fairy tales. College presidents won’t defend free speech. Politicians won’t control spending. The media promotes absurdities and will not warn against the Muslim threat, call attention to black refusal to get a grip, or point out all the negative aspect of immigration. They sure as hell won’t crank up a thimbleful of skepticism about chemical weapon attacks and our crazy warmaking wherever it pleases us to force foreigners to act like people in Lincoln, Nebraska, the gold standard for sensible human thinking.

Trump won’t put U.S. troops on the border at home but ensures they’re on the job on the Afghan border. He’s supposed to be president but he acts like he has no more constitutional power than a visiting journalist from Bulgaria when he complains about Sessions and Rosenstein. Simply ensuring that the dangerous phenomenon of an “independent” counsel stays within the bounds of his marching orders seems beyond his capabilities. Do we even know if there is any limit on what Mueller can investigate?

Trump simply conveys no strategic or constitutional awareness. The extent of his pushback against the Deep State appears to be nothing more than his Twitter output and his periodic rallies where you will hear no precise analysis of the forces arrayed against him and us.

Still, that said, Donald Trump was the only presidential candidate who communicated an awareness of fundamental problems and any kind of anger at America’s being everybody’s bitch. Nonetheless, more people in our country got to do what they’re paid to do and more managers need to do the managing that they’re paid to do.

[1] "Will Someone In Washington Play The Ace Of Spades Before November?" By James George Jatras, ZeroHedge, 9/2/18 (links removed).


Linda Fox said...

I think it's 2-part:

- Trump restores the balance between capital and labor, reinvigorates the economy by reducing regulations and overturning rules. He guts the size of the federal government, not only saving us cash, but reducing the Deep State. He also keeps other countries from killing us, destroying us economically, or invading us.

That's all - even with 2 terms, that would be a lot.

- The next president consolidates and continues the work, hitting all of those things that Trump either DID not, or COULD not.

What the People have to do in the meantime, is to uproot the Leftists of all stripes from education at all levels. It's the work of many years:
- "Encourage" Leftists to retire - ASAP
- Use their sleazy baggage to oust those not willingly leaving
- Reduce the non-Core Humanities courses. Eliminate the make-work Diversity Depts. Allow lawsuits against the Centers' staff - offer to cover their personal legal fees, if they go - and do NOT return. Close those Centers down - justify it with the economic excuse.
- Eliminate all remedial coursework. Require all students needing it to enroll at technical or community colleges and pass needed coursework, before admission.
- Sell off the excess buildings.
- Prosecute any students committing violence on campus, whether it was a protest or not. Offer students the opportunity to avoid expulsion (must still suspend them for a semester) if they flip on the professors or staff that encouraged the violence. Use them as witnesses in hearings, and fire the faculty'staff ass.
- Use cooperating students to swear how "terrified" they are to attend class with the violent profs around. Use that to excuse suspending them and replacing them with other, non-Leftist hires. Force those profs to defend themselves in endless meetings. Force public apologies on them, and then still fire them.

sykes.1 said...

If Trump did nothing else, he kept the monster Hillary out of power. That is achievement enough for now.

But he has invigorated the economy beyond all expectation, and he is reforming our trade treaties, which the Ruling Class actually hates, because the reforms take money away from them.

I would have to disagree that his foreign makes sense or is even his. Clearly the fake American neocons like Bolton have complete control of our foreign and military policies and are pursuing programs that Trump actively opposed while he was campaigning. Why Trump submits to this is curious, but it might have been the price for mere survival. The Deep State/Cabal killed JFK, RFK and MLK, and they tried to kill Ford and Reagan. A smart man learns from history.

Trump will get a second term, if the people have anything to say about it. Whether his successor will be able to continue the fight agains the Deep State/Cabal remains to be seen. The Jeff Sessions example implies not.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Linda, I think Trump has done and will do some excellent things. I don't think he's the most insightful political thinker out there and I think he misses a great many opportunities to use his bully pulpit. FDR used "fireside chats" to get his views out there and, alas, Trump's tweets are a far cry from that.

Your list of education-related initiatives is to die for, particularly the one about no remedial classes. My preference is for a full-court press by the feds to crucify Antifa and local government officials who tolerate them (as well as promote sanctuary cities). Public order, sovereignty, and ballot integrity are key items and attacking the left in these three areas will diminish a lot of the foolishness.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Sykes.1, if anything Trump has going for him is an understanding of money and business. That leads him to put his finger on glaring instances of economic stupidity. There's no need to overthink it and away we go. Trump's publicly taken on the stock market as the barometer of economic health but it is far from that. Debt and fiscal incontinence are killing us and his meek acceptance of the last spending bill, a studied insult to him, was a bad sign. I know he's got economic advisers, as he does on Syria, for example. In the latter case intelligence types tried to get Trump not to bomb Syria until all the evidence was in but he was simply determined to do it against all argument to the contrary.

Your list of assassinated or attacked luminaries is chilling when seen in one sentence and more and more I think it is unwise to assume that can't happen again. Mob bosses and foreign intel services have resources that we know they are not averse to using.

So, we have a partial populist victory and the next president is not necessarily going to be a continuation of the partial successes so far.

Amen to keeping Hillary out. Obama was a weird, feckless leftist with no mind of his own that I could see. Hillary was toxic leftism/feminism/hawk with a large helping of financial corruption. And she is smart.