Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Nature of Women

My thinking on the Kavanaugh accusations by Ford are colored by my knowledge of women. With many (not all, but greater than 25%), it's more important that their victims SUFFER, than they receive full restitution.

Let's put it this way:
If a woman has a grudge against a man, and sees an opportunity to get him charged with a crime, she is more interested in finding a way for him to suffer, than to see him convicted.
If you told her: Look. You can convict him, and he'll pay restitution, but he'll only serve a few years in jail. You can cause him to suffer - for LIFE - but the only way that is going to happen is if you die.
There are too many women who would reach for the knife, and stab themselves in the heart, smiling as they died, in the sure knowledge that the guy would SUFFER.
 That's what's behind this travesty. I've no doubt that, somehow, somewhere, Kavanaugh got on the wrong side of Ford. Maybe he said something that was less than flattering, maybe he failed to respond to an invitation. It would have been too inconsequential for him to remember. It didn't even have to be a face-to-face incident.

Whatever it was, it rankled. It caused her to probe the insult, over and over again, until she had convinced herself that it was The Worst Thing in the World.

Later, in counseling, she embellished (not in an "I'm deliberately lying about this" kind of way, just talking) and expanded on real/imagined past incidents - perhaps not even involving Kavanaugh, just someone who reminded her of him). By the time she was finished, she actually believed what she said.

And, so, she exacted a Womanly Revenge - Total Destruction.

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Col. B. Bunny said...

That's an insightful piece. I can't speak to the desire of some women to make men suffer as I've fortunately never encountered that kind of angel.

But your description of Ford's possible internal festering seems accurate. Modern feminism has worked hard to encourage women to see all imagined slights, no matter how inconsequential, as adequate reason to go to DEFCON 1. "Poor dear. How that brute made you suffer. Now, where did we put those thumbscrews?"

The supposed "actual" incident seems something that was, in saner times, handled by a firm "Stop that Charlie! This instant!" And being groped in a situation where you have obviously played a part in creating is wayyy down there on the scale of affronts to human dignity.

I don't believe for a moment that said "incident" was traumatic at the time. ALL humans encounter minor indignities or must deal with their minor indiscretions and "suck it up" as a life strategy is far better than "crucify someone for something petty."