Thursday, September 20, 2018

What If?

     What if, in 2015:

  • Hillary told the Democratic National Committee she “had something” on them?
  • And she threatened to expose them if they didn’t get her the presidential nomination?
  • And they knew she would lose, but until she got the nod she’d be a millstone around their necks?
  • So they jimmied the nominating process to ensure her victory?
  • And then they watched with satisfaction as her campaign crashed and burned?
  • And now they’re somewhat disgusted, because she still won’t go away?
  • And now they’re considering “stronger measures” (hey, the Clintons didn’t shy back from them)?
  • And the DNC has just bought majority control of Hillary’s favorite Chardonnay vendor?

     Yes...what if?

     (Memo to me: Hat is wearing out. Must buy more tinfoil.)

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