Friday, September 7, 2018

Working My Way Through "Clinton Cash"

It's about time. Before, during, and immediately after the 2016 election season, I was just flat-out too busy. I was working through June, 2017 at a full-time job. With the normal household activities, church, and family, I was stretched pretty thin.

I've begun a serious reading program - I still do read thrillers, suspense, science fiction, and the occasional murder mystery, but I've decided to broaden my reach into more non-fiction. Most of my energy is on shoring up my weak spots - conservative philosophy, history, and military/war history. I'm allowing myself to take an occasional side trip into quirky/fun stuff (For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World's Favorite Drink and Changed History - quite eye-opening as to the impact of trade on politics, history, and international relations).

I just finished Three Felonies a Day, which gave me a good grasp on how politicizing the Justice Dept. has led us back to the arbitrary prosecutions of the Tudor Era - with similar results (cementing the party/king in power, and both politically and financially destroying its enemies).

I'm just beginning Clinton Cash; I'm about 18% of the way through it. The focus of the book is the practices of the Clinton Foundation, and how dedicated efforts to overlook its abuses have made Bill and Hill rich. And, contributed to their political entrenchment.

Don't think they are out of power forever. Either they, or their closely associated cronies, will be stuck like burrs to America's butt, until we finally get the guts to boot them out.

One of the names to look out for is Giustra, a Canadian whose appetite for mining concessions in 3rd-world countries is only matched by the Clinton's avarice.

What a combo! Giustra's desire to get mining contracts - cheaply, Bill's complete amorality in both sex and money matters, and Hill's dogged determination to do whatever it took to get the deals made.

Oh, and her matchless ability to smile blandly and spew lies before the camera, coupled with her supporters to spring into attack dog mode whenever she snaps her fingers. Jim Jones was a piker, compared to Hill! His followers largely killed themselves; Hill's followers would commit felonies, and fall on their swords for a woman who callously ignored her husband's and friends' predations, then claimed to support vulnerable women.

Hill and Russia were made for each other - both completely immoral, greedily grasping for all the cash they could stuff in their pockets, and willing to allow Russia's Putin to extend his oligarchic reach throughout the world.

The overall scheme to control uranium sources is thoroughly detailed:

  • Control by Giustra's UrAsia Energy Ltd. of the merged Uranium One. He and his cronies control 60% of the new company. Keep that in mind when Uranium One comes up.
  • Russia plans (still) to both dominate the world's uranium production, and to capture ownership of the resources - EVEN those in Canada and the United States.
  • The role of Russia's atomic energy agency - Rosatom. It controls both civilian and military use of nuclear.
    • The Iranian reactors were built by Rosatom, but supplied with uranium, as well.
    • "Rosatom also operates in North Korea, Venezuela, and Myanmar."
  • Hillary was thoroughly briefed on nuclear and Russia. She was not just some dumb broad who relied on the kindliness of strangers. She knew what she was doing. She just didn't care.
I'm still reading. I'll post more as I get further in the book.

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