Monday, December 16, 2019

A Danger To The Public

     Wherever there are Leftists and Democrats, there is a citizen disarmament campaign in progress. It might not be well advanced. It might not have positive legislative prospects. But it will be there. Citizen disarmament and absolutely unrestricted abortion are the Left’s two imperatives, from which they will never retreat.

     And so, when the Democrats won the Virginia Governor’s mansion and majority status in both houses of the Virginia legislature, the very first thing they did was to prepare bills to effectuate a sweeping gun ban and confiscation. (Apparently, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s earlier endorsement of infanticide has made that subject a bit too warm for the moment.) Make no mistake: they want the citizens of the Commonwealth rendered unable to defend themselves – and without even the hint of a gun-related problem as a foundation for their proposals.

     It’s been said by others that when a politician wants to take your guns, it’s not because he fears for your safety but for his own. He’s got plans which, were you properly equipped, you’d shoot him for even contemplating. So you must be “dis-equipped,” that he might radically increase his power over you without a risk of armed resistance.

     The irony here is that those most alarmed by the prospect of a shoot-out over the right to keep and bear arms are those with the arms. We’re the ones most vocal about what a bloodbath would result. We’re the ones who fear for the lives of persons who might just be following orders, doing an unConstitutional job, out of fear for their careers in “law enforcement.” (As of today, none of America’s 88,000 governments have instituted agencies explicitly for tyranny enforcement, but give them time. It’s just semantics anyway.) It’s we in the Right who wring our hands about it.

     In response to the “Second Amendment Sanctuary movement” in Virginia, which has now swept over the great majority of the state’s counties, a Democrat legislator actually proposed employing the Virginia National Guard to enforce a confiscation law. More recently, the Legislature has considered a bill that would strip county-level “public safety” officers of their jobs and pensions for refusing to enforce a state-level gun ban or confiscation. A level-headed person then opined passionately:

     "They keep jacking this up, begging for war. Good Lord. Do they understand how awful this would be?"

     Some do -- but much, much more to the point, their tacticians know that gun owners know it would be a horror without precedent. That's what they're counting on: that gun owners and shooting enthusiasts, being decent persons who wish to harm no one, will submit to their tyranny rather than inflict that horror on the country we love.

     Nothing doing. Not this time around. This time, Virginians will fight. They must.

     It is well verified by the historical record that an armed citizenry that succumbs to political blandishments and agrees to give up its weapons will never get them back. Moreover, the political class almost immediately starts doing things that would provoke a revolt...if the public were still armed. The vector of oppression will point only forward from then on.

     Ironically, the American Revolution was triggered (pardon the pun) in large part by an attempt to confiscate the colonials’ weapons. Even more ironically, Virginia was one of the critical sources of pro-rebellion, pro-independence sentiment. That Tyrant Northam and his henchmen are attempting to subjugate the descendants of the Founding Fathers has great symbolic power: “If we can get away with it here, where couldn’t we?”

     If Virginians choose to fight, as I fear they must, there will be large-scale bloodshed. Indeed, there could follow a complete toppling of the state government. The lesson to America’s other anti-gun forces, wherever they are and however constituted, would be valuable. They would pull in their horns lest the assertion of the right to keep and bear arms encompass them just as bloodily. There would follow an interval in which our rights as armed citizens of a republic whose governments are responsible to us first and foremost would be respected...on the surface.

     But make no mistake: the determination to disarm us would not be extinguished. Aspiring tyrants know they cannot rule armed men. Like Tolkien’s Shadow, they would fall back to take another shape and resume their campaign.

     The central point here is simple and stark:

An armed citizenry can resist encroachments on its rights.
It possesses the means by which to defend them.
A disarmed citizenry cannot.

     We must hope that Virginia’s gun owners are aware of the danger to the public posed by the Democrats’ initiatives. My sense, from the swift progress of the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, is that they are. What follows will tell us all what sort of future these United States will face.

     Have a nice day.



Do they know how bad it will be? Do they know what would happen across the country? Do they know that "outside actors" might take advantage and do something - e.g., an EMP with a few nukes to kick the corpse?


Remember, these people are MISSIONARIES bent on creating the great worldwide Socialist Utopia. Remember, to achieve this - and failing! - they've killed over 100 million. What are 100 million, or 500 million, or billions (!) compared to creating a world in which there is no hunger, no poverty, no hatred or bigotry or any of the ills and privations that have haunted mankind since forever. They are TRUE BELIEVERS in thinking they can do this.

So yes, they know, and they don't care. Hundreds of millions of lives are speed bumps on the way to paradise.

Linda Fox said...

The government of VA is doing what many applaud - pushing, pushing, pushing, in hopes of getting the other side to fire first.

At which point, they will use that incident to go ALL IN on gun confiscation, reprisals, illicit and unconstitutional imprisonment and execution. Note that I DIDN'T write, prosecution preceding all of that? There WILL be no legal trials.

There will be execution - just as they did at Ruby Ridge and Waco. And, for that matter, in Philadelphia with the MOVE people.

I am NOT saying that there was no concern for public safety, in the beginning. But, over-eager enforcement pushed the situations to the flashpoint, through their own actions.

The blood is on their hands.

riverrider said...

linda, we virginians still have a say in all of that. from what i see, there's no turning back. that's okay though, because come what may our very survival is at stake. and for the first time in my 56 years, the people are united.

Manu said...

I sincerely hope this isn't the powder keg. No Archdukes, please.

SWVAguy said...

One would think Blackface would get the message considering the overwhelming majority of counties in the Commonwealth that passed 2nd amendment sanctuary resolutions. Doesn't look that way. Well, he has posited "grandfathering" AR-15 owners, BUT they must register them after a designated time period. That worked well in New York...5% compliance. Any bets what the conpliance rate would be in Old Virginny?

Patrick said...

If this statement "...the Legislature has considered a bill that would strip county-level “public safety” officers of their jobs and pensions for refusing to enforce a state-level gun ban or confiscation." is a reference to VA HB67, then it's being misinterpreted. This is an amendment to an existing law that prevents state employees from striking. If this passes and the Va legislature repeals Virginia's right to work law then state employees (except law enforcment) will be able to unionize and go on strike.

riverrider said...

Patrick, unfortunately the amendment lines out " any employee of the commonwealth.." and inserts "any employee of the commonwealth, county or locality in a law enforcement position..." they don't Have any authority over local or county employees now. This would be a HUGE power grab and abuse of power and likely result in bloodshed the first time they try to forcibly remove a local or county leo.

riverrider said...

swvaguy, hey neighbor! govna blackface has dug himself a hole he cannot back out of. his constant threats are proof he has no intention of backing down. we don't either. little known is the fact that among the pre-filed bills is one to expand funding for corrections, even though the prison population has fallen steadily for 2 decades now and even more so after decriminalization of pot. asked about this a dem rep said" its to have room for all the 2a offenders". they mean to imprison or kill us, no other conclusion can be drawn. we are in a fight for our survival. germany 1935 all over again. or Venezuela 2007. i ain't getting on no damn train.