Sunday, December 8, 2019

Hacks- How I SUFFER For You!

I'm reading the Donna Brazile book "Hacks". No, I didn't pay for it (as I also did not for other books by Progressives - that's what Amazon Prime books or the library are for).

I've barely started, and already Donna is dishing the dirt on the underhanded tactics of the Democratic party elite who:

  • Allowed the hacking of DNC computers to occur
  • Negotiated financial agreements that both crippled the party's ability to assist other Dems, and - if Donna can be believed - broke both their own board constitution, and probably FEC finance laws, as well.
  • Provided a cushy living for quasi-professional hangers-on and layabouts, at the DNC's expense
  • Destroyed the infrastructure of the DNC
Donna is burning her bridges about the Clintons, by detailing the financial shenigans they inflicted on the DNC. All the while, she praises HRC as highly qualified and her dearest friend.

Gotta love those Southern girls! They really can cut you to ribbons while shaking their head and murmuring "Bless her heart!"

Back to the book. Today's installment is on chapters 1 - 4.

I'm only about 18% of the way through it (gotta hand it to her - either she's a fair writer, or she pays one to do the job), and she is back in Washington, DC, heading to the DNC headquarters, armed with holy water and a candle, and vowing to pressure the DC police to provide answers to Seth Rich's murder.

Yoo-Hoo! I MIGHT have some suggestions about that.

Brandon Davis, a liaison between HRC's campaign and the DNC, and one that was connected to both HRC and Obama, got on her nerves right off the bat. He invaded her territory, gave unsolicited advice, and assumed that - once he put her on notice about who REALLY ran the DNC - she would be happy to suck it dry to pay off all of her sycophants.

To be fair, Donna seemed to pinpoint the DNC's problem. The factions were HRC, Obama, and a dinky little leftover of the original DNC. From her description, blowing up the party and re-organizing to get rid of the detritus weighing it down, might not be a dumb move.

Talking of HRC, Obama, and Debbie Wasserman: "Yet they had leeched it (the DNC) of its vitality and were continuing to do so."


Ed Bonderenka said...

Darn. Now I may have to read it....

Aesop said...

I'd just like to get ahead of this now, and note that Donna Brazile didn't kill herself.

Linda Fox said...

What was fascinating to me was the ease with which she caught the problems in the management of the campaign. She also identified the weakness HRC had 'on the ground game'.

She wasn't stupid, but she WAS in the tank for HRC as a 'journalist' - she played dumb and said that she couldn't find evidence of any communication of the questions.

Right. Just like those 30K emails did not contain any classified stuff. They were ALL yoga and wedding plans.