Thursday, December 26, 2019

VDH Analyzes the Battle of the Bulge

And, once again, hits it out of the park.

And, via Kurt Schlichter at Townhall, comes this link to some bright news from FL - new GOP voters are TWICE the number of new Dem voters. This is something that needs to be repeated, state by state, until election 2020 - AND after.


pc-not said...

There is a resurgence in the Republican agenda in Florida. We have a Trumpesque no-nonsense governor and most citizens are happy with Repub controlled legislature over the past decade. Getting more conservative over time. JEB, Rick Scott and now Ron DeSantis.

Glenda T Goode said...

Just as Patton's message was lost on the politically correct leadership of the ETO in WWII we see the groundswell of patriots and classic Americans lost upon the GOP. This is neither new or going to change anytime soon.

When leadership is governed by consensus facts become irrelevant. How things look and sound to an 'elite group' become the standards upon how decisions are made.

Our greatest fault in our nation is that following the ouster of the monarchy and the hierarchy of European governance over our nation these 'Elitist' leadership class types have managed to remake themselves here in our political governance system.

As long as the people who hold the reins of power in our nation are more concerned with sustaining their personal memberships in the 'aristocracy club' (deep state + political leadership) instead of representing the citizens who elect them we are doomed to repeat the process of 1776 yet again. This would only be possible if enough are willing to sacrifice themselves to the cause of liberty.

Yes, we are seeing the rise of PATRIOTISM in Florida and many other places. This coupled with a love of freedom and prosperity for all is the energy and fuel of the Trump rebellion. Let us hope and pray that this continues.