Tuesday, December 3, 2019


The actual facts about the past help us to have a more reasonable perspective regarding it than that our ancestors were gibbering, homicidal, man-spreading apes. Conan helps out with some corrections about life centuries ago:
"Top 10 Myths About The Middle Ages." By Conan the Cimmerian, 11/10/10.
Unfortunately the pictures embedded in his post do not appear in my browser. Perhaps in the Wayback Machine?


The correct name of the author is Jamie Frater and the article WITH pictures can be found at the site linked to by Conan. Thanks to Brian E. for the heads up.


Brian E. said...

I tried the title link IN Conan’s post - and lo and behold, it linked to what appears to be an updated version of the original article on the listverse.com website - with pictures (although truth be told, they may or may not be the same as the originals).

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks. That's the solution. Plus I need to correct the name of the actual author.

That picture of the bath/dinner table seems pretty racy to me though possibly I'm a stick in the mud.