Monday, December 30, 2019

Of COURSE They Think We're All Stupid!

The headline says it all. But, you need to read the rest to see just how BAD the media is.

On Victory Girls, the Impeachment PAC is examined to see who is behind it. Naturally, ACT Blue is a large part of that funding.

But, it takes more digging to find out that Tom Steyer - yes, THAT guy - put a significant amount of money into the PAC - AND took the mailing lists from that funding, along with a lot of the staffers, when he folded it.

I've learned, however, that bringing up these facts is a waste of time for those who oppose Trump - NO fact will overcome their "Orange Man Bad" bias. Anything that contradicts their worldview is derided as a "conspiracy theory".

We MAY be able to find some on the fence people, or some who leaned generally Left, but had experienced some doubts, from their own experience.

But for most people, an emotional appeal works best. Rationality is NOT a factor. The thing is, although we have tended to use rational arguments as our go-to, there are plenty of emotional appeals the GOP could make:

  • The inherent unfairness of pre-judging Trump by House members - many since shortly after the election.
  • The good economy - although expect an effort to manipulate the markets by Soros and other ultra-rich Leftists.
  • Lost freedoms may well be a big factor. Many older Americans remember an America that didn't try to completely run your life. Ads should show scenarios of kids and women doing everyday things, and Nanny-types scolding them and forcing them to pay for their "sins". I'm thinking petty irritations like paper and plastic bans, straw bans, fines for failing to properly recycle ONE item, being reported for using a "wrong" pronoun, etc. Make it clear that errors are punished as severely as deliberate acts.
  • Show the increase in minimum wage, and have the people affected by the layoffs/closed businesses expressing their thoughts. I'm anticipating that women and Blacks will be most affected.
  • Show the effect on the CA writers, Uber drivers, and other workers in the gig economy, of regulations/laws limiting their hours.
  • Show the lost opportunities for other minorities of illegal immigration. Show the recent targeting of Jews, military, and the perps involved. They could create an uncomfortable commercial of a news report of a terrorist act, along with the people watching trying to blame anyone but the terrorists.
But, when you're talking to someone, don't start with the facts of a situation. Start by getting agreement with a basic principle, like keeping your paycheck from being reduced any further than it already is, or that health care shouldn't be so expensive that you can't use it, or that your kids are YOUR responsibility. Figure our the core principle of freedom that is being violated, and build on that.

Salesmen do this all the time. They begin by getting you to agree with them, and gradually lead you to agree with buying their product. Trump, I'm sure, knows this. He should work to get the GOP ads to reflect this.

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Mike Smith said...

Remember - "Move On" was founded following the Clinton impeachment with the goal to move on from partisan shenanigans...