Saturday, December 14, 2019


Yep, we're back up and running at the dear ol' Cold Fury house of ill-repute and deliquency, folks, and mighty thankful to Annette and the Hosting Matters crew for that welcome change in status, too. There are still scattered functions not a-functioning hereabouts as of yet—comments in particular—and much tweaking of settings, re-uploading of files, and other such left to take care of yet, some of which I'm gonna get to as we go along this evening. But what I want to do most at the moment is deliver myself of the pent-up aggravation and stress this interminable nightmare has caused me via splattering some serious verbal hostility about the place, so a-posting we will go. Thanks for your patience, everyone. And special thanks to Our Humble Host at LT for giving me a set of keys and letting me skulk around over here.


Francis W. Porretto said...

Glad to hear it, Mike, and you've been most welcome here -- but don't be a stranger just because Cold Fury is back in business, y'hear? (:-)

HoundOfDoom said...

Thank you Mike, I always enjoy your writing!