Sunday, December 1, 2019


As I mentioned the other evening, Ye Olde Cold Fury Blogge has been sorta...unstable of late, thanks to having been hacked the other day. And lo, I get into the WP Dashboard just now and start in to do some housecleaning—reactivating/deactivating plugins, clearing out old useless files, resetting some necessaries, and such-like—when BANG-ZOOM, the whole thing collapses on me again like HILLARY!™ with a case of the early-evening staggers. So I immediately got in touch with the Hosting Matters people again, bless them, and meanwhile accessed the site directories via FTP to have a look at the sitch.

Right away, I discovered the most remarkable aggregation of gobbledegook Trojan code infesting the top-level index.php page. I mean, there was just line after line after line of pure mess. Rather, NOT lines; it was all on one endless run-on of turkey-gargle. This file is supposed to consist of less than ten lines of very simple, neatly organized PHP pointing to the correct WordPress directory's index page for the site, which would seem to indicate a followup rending-asunder of my beloved home on the web by some cancerous malignancy or other out there.


So now we may be forced to nuke the site from orbit—again—and make everything fresh and new—again—just to be sure. Funnily enough, I can still access the WP Dashboard main page, although trying to hit any other page linked therefrom coughs up a 403 "Forbidden" error message every time, God only knows why. Meanwhile, there's things out there that need bitching about, and I'm of a mood tonight to bitch about 'em. So between bouts of code-wrangling in consultation with the HM people, you might very well see me rear my ugly head hereabouts. Just a heads-up so you can hide the innocent, the naive, and the uncut someplace quiet and dark if need be, that's all.


Linda Fox said...

2 possibilities:

- You've just been unlucky to experience random computer crap. Enough of the vile code floats around that - sooner or later - most of us will find that we've been hit.
- You are being targeted. If that's the case, you know you're doing the right thing. Keep on doing it.

HoundOfDoom said...

Hope HM can provide some information on the attack so we can know how this happened.