Friday, December 27, 2019

Iran Slipping into Power Corridors in the US Government

I've noticed this - Iran, particularly, has been quite busy for some time, getting their people placed in government offices. This article focuses on the recently elected - and quite noisy - representatives in Congress.

But, with Valarie Jarrett, who was strongly connected to many people in Iran, the issue was front and center.

It's not just Iran. The IT guys that had untrammeled access to Congressional computers, and that allowed/facilitated loss of both hardware and data (the last to foreign governments), were from Pakistan (Pock-is-stan, as Obama used to say). Time and again, when you see nefarious/shady practices in government, foreigners have their fingerprints all over it.

When I say foreigners, I mean those people, from countries other than the USA, who may have attained permanent residency, or even citizenship, but whose actions promote other countries than us.

Access to classified information should be strictly limited to native-born Americans. Those who immigrate AND take citizenship may be granted access, but should have strict continuing oversight. Those Americans with significant connections to other countries (Vindman?) should only be given conditional access - no access to higher levels of security.

Like this guy.

He's a STAFF officer. His advice should be listened to, but not used to shape foreign policy. He thinks WAY too much of himself.

BTW, LT. COL. - correcting elected representatives about your title is the very definition of Conduct Unbecoming. As long as they speak politely, you take it and smile. It is NOT your job to prissily insist on your rank being used in conversation.

BTW, EX-Senator Boxer - the same went for your snotty comment about the use of the term "ma'am" by an officer testifying in Congress - it WAS the correct way to refer to you, just an alternative way of addressing you rather than using your status as a Senator.

BOTH of you - there is a reason we specifically won't allow titles to be given to Americans. It's because those citizens - rather like you two did - would take those titles as evidence of their superiority.


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SSG Mac said...

LtCol Vindman is an Infantry Officer, ie: a warfighter. His staff position is an assignment (necessary for any officer's occupational progression). Nevertheless, he is a self-serving narcissist with Leftist tendencies.
He serves as an eloquent illustration why the views of high-ranking officers should not be as authoritative due to their service. We vets are just men & women; no better, or worse than our civilian fellows.
He also looks like he was either beaten up too often, or not nearly often enough in high school; in short, a whiny little punk.