Monday, December 30, 2019

There's Something About a Brand-New Year!

I've been looking at the last year, and found lthat it contained a LOT of Promise, and very little Result.

Not Trump. Me.

I had planned to exercise more. I was making decent progress, until April, when I broke my ankle. That led to knee problems, respiratory problems, and just no-energy problems. It wasn't until early December that I finally did what I SHOULD have done, and made an appointment with the Ortho guy. The problems healed up within a week.

Similarly, my eating habits were shot to hell during AEP, when I was spending too much time sitting, or driving around the county.

I'd originally planned on spending more time with family, but... With all the health issues, I wasn't traveling much.

So, for 2020, I'm taking change slow, but measurable. General health improvement - you never know when an insurrection will break out, and it would be tragic to be sidelined by poor health.

Writing - I've sent another short story (that may become a chapter in a longer piece) to be beta-checked. I've also made plans to print out WIP, and proof it for continuity issues. I just can't seem to do that effectively electronically

Organization. I've talked to my husband, and committed to specific weekly goals of time spent getting the house and paperwork in shape. I started before I left, starting with my desk. He put a lot of time in on clearing out a small closet in the office, and there is space to put things, at last.

What are your goals?


Francis W. Porretto said...

Goals for 2020:
1. Don't die.
2. Lose 15 lbs.
3. Finish current novel-under-construction.
4. Begin new novel based on Sweet Things or Cruel to be Kind.
5. Don't die.
6. Mow lawn more often.
7. Get the dogs more exercise.
8. Get me more exercise.
9. Get down to the shooting range more often.
10. Don't die.

That should get me through to 2021.

Linda Fox said...

I like 1, 5, and 10

ligneus said...

Retire. [I'm 83.] Or maybe not.

A Reader said...

Obtain CCNA and CPR certification, and maybe Comptia Linux+ or PenTest+ as well.
Obtain CHL. Asking permission sticks in my craw, but since the TxLege won't meet again until 2021, and probably won't take up ConCarry even then, I must hold my nose and knuckle my brow if I want to be able to guard my family.