Sunday, December 22, 2019

Lest You Fall to the Propaganda About Trump

He is more focused on initiatives that will benefit the USA than on protecting his reputation.

Look. We didn't hire him to be ALL things to ALL people. There are some things he does better than others - and one of them is pushing projects to completion. If necessary, he will cajole, flatter, bribe, or threaten opponents. All of which I'm OK with, as I'm not a nancy-pants Liberal.

But, the most important thing he is doing is setting up a framework that will withstand pushback, once he is out of office. He's put in non-Leftist Federal judges, exposed the Deep State and its reach (presumably as the first step in gutting it), started the Wall while putting sufficient Border agents in place - with instructions to Get 'Er Done. He's cancelled deals, something he knows, from experience, can be done. Other deals, he's renegotiated - again, personal experience helps him.

In some agencies/departments, he's had to put people in place, and hope they take measures that move his policies forward. Some of them, such as DeVos in Education, have performed far better than expected. Others have been disappointments. That's the norm.

The next few months will be critical. GOP members of government need to know we will kick them out if they don't support him in this crisis. At the grassroots level, replacements for the retired/retiring GOP legislators need to be found, financed, and assisted in their election runs.

Of course, the other side will be Chernobyl-level nasty - lying, cheating, vote-stealing. I have NO idea why a challenge to NY's proposed issuance of driver's licenses to illegals is not being made. At the least, it invalidates the REAL ID act, and that is something that Trump can take to court.

New York wants to gut their licenses as REAL ID? Prepare for airlines/other transport to be instructed, by the FAA, NOT to accept them. The airline industry will go ballistic, and not at Trump, but Cuomo.

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We are facing, and will continue to face, "Flight 93" elections from now on. All they need to do is win ONCE.