Saturday, December 21, 2019

This Has to Stop...

...I'm going to get a Traumatic Brain Injury from banging my head on the wall.

So. To put it in simplest terms:
An actual woman can be "put in her cis-place" by a MAN, dressing in Fake-Femme, and told to shut up about WOMEN'S ISSUES.
Because, TransFemme.

I'm so old I remember when a MAN telling a WOMAN to shut up was a Hate Crime.

Remember the wise words from Working Girl:


HoundOfDoom said...

That is a great movie, even today.

Linda Fox said...

It was. An honest-to-God average woman, battling for a chance at a better life. She LOOKED like a woman. She acted like a woman.

Her character was my hero back in the day.