Thursday, December 26, 2019

Insolvency masked with liquidity.

Easy credit, easy money, and a debauched currency is what this article is about, with respect to an economy.

But, if you talk about low rates given that the worlds biggest banks are sitting on a toxic time bomb, well it's a whole different conversation. The Fed NEEDS low rates, or it's underlings go poof. The fed is not trying to stimulate [stuff] and they could give a rip about the average persons' welfare..... the Fed is only trying to stop bankruptcy from occurring as a result of all the toxic garbage on the banks' balance sheets, overinflated property included.

Two results: Aggressive immigration to keep new blood entering the loan markets, and an aggressive foreign policy to keep FedBux worth something.

There is no economy. There is insolvency masked with liquidity so that we don't have bankruptcy. The Fed is crying for inflation when it knows damn well it can never admit there is any inflation as measured by traditional interest rates, otherwise it's game over.

And that is why I think all bankers are completely incompetent [swine] to our world, because they dug humanity a hole they'll never admit nor face. I truly do wish the day comes when [bad things happen to bankers].

Comment by Chupacabra-322 on "Peter Schiff: The Most Reckless Combination Of Monetary And Fiscal Policy In History." By SchiffGold, ZeroHedge, 12/23/19 (emphasis added).

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