Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Some Thoughts About Political Power

Not mine, Brothers and Sisters. I've not that sort of intellect.

But worth reading.

I've long held that the key to defeating the Leviathan that is the Civil Service is not personal action - "You're Fired!" - but reduction-attrition-outsourcing.

Trump needs to set a goal, to take place right after the next election (which, I'm assuming, he and the GOP will win). That goal:
To PERMANENTLY reduce the Civil Service staffing.
This can be done several ways (my form of intelligence is not creating the Big Picture, but in practical actions that make it so).

(1) NO more hiring. None. Any position that opens up will be filled with contract workers, who - as a condition of employment - will NEVER be able to be hired by government.

This shuts off the spigot. I'm fine with giving them subsidies to buy health insurance, a 1:1 match for any pension contributions to PRIVATE pensions/IRAs. I will NOT permit them to join a union, or to organize for one, or to use work time for political activities. Those are removal offenses.

They will NOT be subject to worktime HR meetings. They will NOT be subject to non-work demands of the staff.

(2) Reduction in force. Eliminate at least 25% of EVERY department. Part of this can be done by moving those departments/agencies out of Washington. As we have seen with Agriculture, a whole lot of workers will not follow.

Face it - too many agencies/departments are overloaded with staff. These are make-work positions, meant to secure a vote, hamper the changing Executive branch, and pay off a donor. Without government, the various foundations and NGOs, and the local recipients of Washington's generosity with OUR money, Leftists would all be living in Mumsy and Daddums basement.

Because of the first rule, displaced workers may not find another job in the federal government - unless they want to enlist in the military. This provides another choke point, which cuts off the "dance of the lemons". If they want to stay in the Washington area, they'll have to look for private sector work. IF they can find it.

This eliminates the current tactic of laid-off workers spending their unemployment time lobbying for their return (with the bonus that ALL money they WOULD have earned IF they were working is paid to them). No more treating layoffs like deferred-pay vacations.

When you're out, you're REALLY out. Let them find out just how expensive Washington is to live in, on a salary like the average worker has.

TIP: If you own housing in Northern VA, or other locations close to Washington, sell - NOW. Pretty soon, the prices will plummet.

I wouldn't buy my latte locally for a while; you're likely to be attacked by a disgruntled worker.

(3) Oursourcing. This is the heart of the change-over. CERTAINLY, workers displaced from one government job may apply to work for the companies providing the temps.

However, they will have to work without union representation and adhere to ALL rules of contract employees. If they don't, they can be fired.

Need I add that conviction of a felony is a barrier to employment? As are serious job offenses - physical assault while on the job, theft of government property, etc.

They'll have to do things like actually WORK, show up (on time), present a pleasant demeanor, and not sexually harass, watch porn, or surf the Net. For a few of the former employees, this will be a new thing.

In the future, ONLY those employees needing a high level of classification would actually work for the government. All others would be temps. This is already done in many jobs - my son-in-law got one contract job, thanks to having a still-active classification from the military. There's a lot of vets that could get a leg up that way.

Normally, I would think that the chances of this being put into place would be nil. However, Trump has shown that he doesn't buckle when pressured.

And, pressure there would be. So few of those on-the-street former employees could manage to get a job with a salary even close to their former wages, that this, alone, could break the Leftists.

Which, of course, would devastate all of us.

For reals.


mobius said...

What have you got against parasites?

Paul in Boston said...

I’d add up or out after 5 years for any position above secretary, just like the military. It would make government employment rather undesirable.

vanderleun said...

After reading that I*'ve had an idea for a truly Draconian move. I'll develop it a bit and come back to this here or at my place.]

Linda Fox said...

I like Paul's idea.

Mark said...

I've had similar thoughts. "Draining the swamp" is not sufficient. It must be drained and then filled in to prevent stagnant water from returning.