Sunday, December 8, 2019

Saint Nicholas in a WWII Setting

It's a delightful story about compassion, forgiveness, and love.

It's also a warning - the women of a defeated people must not encourage their hatred to fester and poison the next generation. These women accepted their defeat. From that, Germany was able to move ahead, and leave behind the bitterness of their defeat.

So must today's defeated SJWs, the women of Islamicist families, and other angry, bitter women. They have to stop passing along their failed thinking to the next generation.

By infecting and poisoning their children, these women are destroying the next generations The younger ones cannot grow beyond the failed partisan battles of the past. When the women of the defeated Confederate South dedicated themselves to teaching their children to wallow in the past, they doomed the South to decades of misery, impoverishment (both financial and ideological), and inability to move on.

Women are diehards. They are grudge-holders, who NEVER forget an injury. The ability to forgive and forget is one thing most men are MUCH better at. In part, I blame the Women's Movement, which encouraged women to "speak bitterness" (a phrase of the Chi-Coms). The idea that you have to 'vent your anger' is one that appeals to women, who use that time on the stage to revel in the sympathetic attention of other women.

In the aftermath of a divorce, generally, it's the men that - eventually - move on and construct a new life from the ashes. Women, on the other hand, often refer to their ex in crude and vicious terms for decades, if not forever.

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