Monday, December 2, 2019

What I learned at the "impeachment" traveshamockery

Quite a bit, actually. None of it good.
American voters have been introduced to the idea that the elected President of the United States can be accused of "undermining" foreign policy determined by the permanent bureaucracy, which spends billions of our tax dollars but is not even slightly interested in our input.

We've been told top bureaucrats who supposedly serve at the pleasure of the president are actually entitled to their jobs and firing them is a crime, with the president presumed guilty unless he can prove he had an acceptable reason for terminating or reassigning them.

We've learned that Made Men of the bureaucratic empire and its political wing, the Democrat Party, cannot be investigated for corruption unless the most exquisite preliminary rituals are followed and the investigators can demonstrate the absolute purity of their intentions.

We've discovered obscure lower-court judges can hijack entire segments of national policy on a whim. Some of these imperial proclamations have been expressly premised on the notion that American citizens have less to say about their own government than foreign nationals do.

We've learned a president the imperial bureaucracy likes can issue executive orders that cannot be reversed by presidents it disapproves of. The people are belatedly informed that some matters are settled forever on the "one man, one vote, one time" principle. The essence of self-government, the true right that matters above all others, is the right to say "no."

We were fooled into thinking our government could never become dictatorial, no matter how much power it claims, because we can always vote the bums out. Guess what, kids? As we've seen since 2017, most of the power and money is controlled by people you never get to vote against. You learn that the people you don't vote for are very capable of defending their privileges against the people who DO. And you learn that far more issues than you ever suspected are considered "settled."

I can think of a good few other things that need to be "settled" myself—some Deep Stater hash, for starters.

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Like I keep saying, the Left are MISSIONARIES. They are CONVINCED they are 100% pure, 100% in the "good" column, in remaking America and the world through Socialism and mass migration.

They've tied their sense of themselves as good beings to this and have ABSOLUTE FAITH they are correct.

Know your enemy.