Monday, December 9, 2019

Only One Thing to Say About Pensacola

There is no such thing as a Gun-Free Zone.

It's pathetic that a military person is LESS safe on an American military base than in the surrounding communities. One of the dead was supposedly "on watch"; as such, when he heard the gunfire, he ran to the sound - and died.

He died because he was not armed. Why would you put someone in a position from which he is responsible to protect his fellow soldiers, without giving him the tools he needs to do his job?

Heads need to roll in the Defense Dept., at the highest levels. Retirement, reduction in rank, RIF of officers above the level of Captain - a LOT of them. It's been long acknowledged that the officer ranks are bloated with unnecessary personnel. Time to get rid of non-combat jobs. If they can't justify their job as essential, get rid of them.

Take at least 1/2 of the guys currently filling up the Pentagon, and get rid of them. And, NOT by detailing them to the CIA or NSA. We don't need more 'decorated' paper-shufflers.

Give the military until January 2 to come up with a policy that allows active military who are on base to have a gun with them. Immediate implementation, no excuses.

And, all foreigners being trained by the US are investigated again, this time by non-military contractors. No "Oh, I'm sure he's OK" check by a soldier who is terrified of being accused of prejudice. Outsource that job to a civilian.

While we're at it, stop the high heel parades, the bullshit pretense that the female "Rangers" are equivalent to their male peers, and an end to DB - Diversity Bullshit.

Let's take our Army back.


Arthur said...

"Let's take our Army back."

You and who's army?

I'm thinking the only way forward is to take a good hard look at the 'enemies domestic' part of the oath.

Linda Fox said...


riverrider said...

this week the dod put out guidelines for doing just that, a day late as they say...i'm sure they left clauses like, "at the commander's discretion" in there to taking the army back, its going to take a real war with heavy losses to change their direction now.