Friday, December 6, 2019

Quickies: Snark, Grandmaster Level

     I have a special admiration for persons who can cheese off their adversaries with well-honed facetious sarcasm: i.e., snark. I’m not all that good at it myself. It’s a skill I’d love to acquire. And I believe I’ve found someone qualified to teach me:

     Since 2016, delinquent NATO allies have coughed up an additional $130 billion in new defense spending. Trump also is redirecting NATO’s focus away from Russia and insisting the alliance address more serious threats such as cybersecurity, Syria, terrorism, and China.

     But it’s not supposed to happen this way. Any progress with America’s allies—or enemies—only can be achieved, we are cautioned, through proper channels of carefully constructed diplomatic finesse.

     Very important people with very important advanced degrees from very important universities must be involved at every step. Coaxing American allies to stop welching on their debt requires many white papers and think tank conferences and pricey parties at well-appointed embassies.

     Before the president speaks with another head of state, polite talking points must be drafted and edited and redrafted and approved by dozens of people with lengthy titles who occupy offices situated along the Potomac River decorated with many impressive diplomas and commendations.

     So it’s understandable why people who have been groomed their entire lives to one day serve as the deputy director assistant undersecretary of East Samoan Affairs are a little huffy at the Trump Administration.

     Julie Kelly has not only captured the actual attitude of those “very important people with very important advanced degrees from very important universities;” she’s dealt them a backhanding that will have their eyes watering and their ears ringing well into 2020. Bravo, Miss Kelly!

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