Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas! And Good Thoughts for the Future!

We're getting near to the end of the calendar year. Recently, we passed the Winter Solstice, the day of the year in which the days are the shortest (Northern Hemisphere). So, naturally, we turn to contemplation of the future.

If you believe a teenage scold, the climate will get us before we can fully collect our Social Security. Which, might be a GOOD thing, for those concerned about the national debt. For the rest of us, not.

We're still being conned into putting off/avoiding conception. Despite the US being near (or below) replacement levels, the hysteria about "OMZ, babies are so BAD! They will DESTROY your life!" continues.

Look, I get it. There have always been women who would sooner eat a live porcupine than get pregnant. The problem solves itself, as those women die off, never having passed on their unmaternal genes. And, yes, I do believe that at least some part of the unwillingness to become a mother is genetic. Unmotherly mothers exist in every part of the animal kingdom. Most of their offspring die, which keeps the species favoring good mothering.

Not so with humans. As a society, we work to keep their unmotherly mothers from killing them, whether by choice or neglect.

The same with fathers. There have always been those men who have no desire to set up a home. A culture that discouraged women from selecting those men lessened their impact on the gene pool.

Today, women suffer no penalty for selecting those men to procreate with, so in some populations, their numbers are increasing.

But, is the concern about overpopulation justified?

According to this writer, probably not - and his reasons appear to be valid. Check it out for yourself, and decide whether we had better get serious about changing the culture to support family creation among the self-supporting Normal people.

OFF-TOPIC (sort of):

Please follow this link to read about how Christmas card production has been used by China to oppress prisoners. I'm looking at places to donate to next year, and any organization that investigates Chinese manufacturing abuses is going to be high on my list. The information needs to get out.



I have become, over the years, a "capital C political Conservative"; I have been known to cause choking and spewed beverages when, in response to OH ARE YOU A REPUBLICAN? my answer is NO, I'M NOT THAT LIBERAL.

I have two kids. I'd like to have more but without going into detail that's not feasible - plus my wife is in the danger-age zone. If it WERE feasible and biologically viable, I'd love to have more.

I consistently advise my kids to marry young and have at least three kids each. Ideally, more.

Merry Christmas.

Drake's Place said...

Linda, Francis & all - Merry Christmas!
- Dave Drake

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Linda;

I noticed something odd...There is a movement to cut the birthrate of the "established" people due to environmental concerns and a lot of people are not having kids because of "Mother Gaea". But we import people with a high birthrate and nothing is said about that. I believe that population replacement is the long term goal.