Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Distrust of Paid Media - ALL Media

I found this on Ace of Spades - one of my go-to sites in the morning.

We have reached the point at which Paid Media - just about ALL Paid Media - print, television, cable, YouTube, Bloggers, Radio - much be suspected of being in the hands of Leftists. This would include most "independent" Conservative Media - National Review, Heritage, Drudge Report, just to name a few - has to be treated like paid shills for Leftist propaganda.

There's a reason that Gay Marriage, TransPerson promotion, exposure to sexually explicit materials for under 18's, abortion "rights", invasion of this country by people from Sh!tholes, and over-criminalization of everyday activities - to name just a few - are defended, even promoted, by these Paid Shills.

They have been bought and paid for. Christianity Today is just the latest example.

Now, I'm not against making a buck out of your work. If a person wants to pay for a subscription to a given media, go right ahead. Many have monetized their work - PJ Media, Bill Whittle, VoxDay, Rush Limbaugh. Many of those offer some degree of free access, reserving the rest for paid subscribers.

The whole ad thing has had mixed success, with few being able to sustain their work through such efforts. If you are a blogger/video producer/podcaster, it's likely that you will need a regular job. At best, you might fuel what is a hobby with donations/subscriptions.

Patreon seemed, for a time, to have some potential. Alas, it would seem that opportunity is closing, as the site kicks off non-Leftists for bad-think. Patreon may regret that - their latest change to their Terms of Service seem to indicate they're feeling uneasy.

The Leftist March Through Institutions is nearly complete. I blame myself for ignoring the takeover of Catholic hierarchy until it is nearly too late to save Christ's Church - at least, I HOPE it is not too late. The latest muddled proclamation from the current occupant of the Seat of St. Peter gives me concern. However, in fairness, Francis has also proclaimed the Evangelii Gaudium (link here). A shorter summary of the proclamation is here.

As an Argentinian, Francis encountered some of the more egregious proselytizing in the form of Prosperity Gospel adherents. His distaste for such activities is genuine; unfortunately, his use of language leads many to say that he is against ANY attempt to introduce people to Christ. In an effort to keep evangelizers from aggressively targeting non-Christians and atheists for conversion (a practice that was abused in the past), his words have been interpreted to mean that Christians should not attempt to spread the Word.

The above assumes that Francis' words have been twisted by Leftists journalists - a possible and reasonable assumption. However, after a few more of these "misunderstandings", I may have to consider the possibility that the Vatican has been taken over by the Antichrist, as some have suggested.


Francis W. Porretto said...

Linda, isn't the AntiChrist supposed to claim to be Christ Himself? I don't remember all the details of the thing, but I think that's one of them.

Mike Smith said...

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I suggest you give it a listen if you are at all podcast inclined, and even if you are not: