Monday, March 11, 2019

A Break From Wallowing in the Left

It's been a long, hard, slog through the tortured 'logic' and dense writing of the Left. I'm currently perusing Marcuse, in prep for another chapter of Leftism for Beginners. NOT fun, but needed - if you don't read Repressive Tolerance and Eros and Civilization, the current status of the Fascist Left makes no sense.

Well, it really doesn't make all that much sense in any case.

But, for that reason, and because I'm getting steeped in the ponderous thinking of the Germanic Frankfurt School, I needed a break.

This is it.

Truly, I'm beginning to feel as Samwise and Frodo did on that second LOTR film. Mired in darkness, gloom, and despair. Maybe that's because my non-LfB time is being taken up with tax prep, another REALLY FUN activity.

I really do need a break.

UPDATE: I took a look at the original New York Magazine article on which the above link is based  - go, you need to SEE these loony people - their pictures are a HOOT!


Kye said...

Wow, what a bunch of degenerate morons. They think they're smart but they are as deep as a slice of Filo.


They may be degenerates, but they comprise the majority of the younger folk. And with the schools, entertainment, and culture pumping sludge into the minds of young ones for decades (sorry, Francis, but have to - been trying to not abuse the privilege):

OOH, these kids have ZERO experience with actual hardship. OTOH, they're so filled with special snowflake poofery that they really think they ARE the ones they've been waiting for. And with AOC and others ascending, clearly showing who really has the power, it won't be long before the "olds" - as in the Cultural Revolution - start being discussed.

A side note on that. Over the weekend I heard about Modern Monetary Theory on an investment show I sometimes listen to. Essentially, as I heard in the few minutes I listened, this is the new "in thing" the Left is touting - that debt and deficits don't matter because "it will all work out". Of course, the hard reality is that they DO matter. But they won't learn from history... because their Leftist teachers don't show them real history (Weimar, Zimbabwe, etc.) or what's going on in Venezuela which is in utter non-existence in the enemedia.

It comes down to Rules 1 and 2:
1. It doesn't matter what's true, it's what you can get people to believe.
2. If you control the information flow, you control what people believe.

ligneus said...

You might save yourself some time by checking out Roger Scruton's Fools, Frauds and Firebrands.