Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pearls of expression.

This comment by 11B40 on the manner chosen by the Argentine Coast Guard to solve the problem of Chinese fishing in prohibited waters:
Pointo Numero Dos: The trouble with shooting up Chinese fishing boats is that an hour later you want to shoot up another one.[1]
A very interesting read.

On a related issue, there’s this comment on the same article by jetcal1:

Was talking to a gentleman from Ghana today, he blames the mass migration to Europe squarely on the Chinese overfishing in Africa on both coasts.
I have absolutely no confidence that this notion is discussed in the inner sancti and steam baths of any Western nation. It seems unlikely to me that diminished fishing opportunities are that decisive in locals’ migration decision making. Population pressure seems more likely to be the core problem.

But, as the cited article says, the Chinese fish African coastal waters with impunity and the Chinese are not noted for their excessive worry about spoliation and resource depletion, even their own. I’ve seen the fishing fleet in Mauritania and it's comprised of outboard-motor-powered boats that surely entail long hours at sea, even without competition from Chinese vessels.

The behavior of the Chinese vessel in the Argentine situation certainly marks the Chinese as aggressive bastards. Shades of their forcing down our surveillance plane over international waters some years back.

[1] "The Argentine-Chinese Fish Wars of 20XX." By CDR Salamander, 3/4/19.

H/t: Yer Ol' Woodpile Report.

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