Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Singular Perspective on the College Cheating Cases

I'm generally of the mind that most people pushed through college, despite their lack of ability, will find it bites them in the butt, later in life.

They will become the bitter, angry people, who complain that they have UNFAIRLY been passed over for promotion, are not earning the money that someone with their STERLING CREDENTIALS deserves, and generally making a ridiculous spectacle of themselves in front of people who know damn well that they are considerably below average in quality.

Here's the thoughts of a person who has seen truly worthy people succeed by their own efforts, along with the stories of several of them who died too young.


Glenda T Goode said...

The college admission scandal is a symptom of two problems that co-exist. The first is the real value of a college degree versus the value of effort. The second is the edu-industrial complex (to paraphrase a DDE quote) that promotes college not for the educational value but for the cash flow that is generated as a result.

I have found in my life that there is no substitute for hard work. I also know that even if you get a diploma, you will get more OJT (On the Job Training for those who do not know what that is) once you get a job in your field that will ultimately be far more important than the little nuggets of knowledge you get at college. The fact is, a college degree used to be an indicator on an individual's work ethic and not so much their level of 'smarts'. Companies always searched for people with the ability to work hard. Uber smart people oft times become bored and move on without really contributing. Hard workers are worth developing.

Second, the cost of a college education has risen dependent on the amount of student loan money available and not necessarily on the increased cost of providing said education. In this, the politicians are in bed with the academics is perpetuating ever increasing salaries and larger college teaching cadres. Additionally with the government take over of the student loan program, the government can politicize the college experience to whatever ends they desire. Certainly, increasing the cash flow to the liberal universities is a reward for the teaching of liberal mantras to the now burgeoning masses of college students. These students are told that a degree is the only way to guarantee a worthwhile career regardless of the truth of that statement or not.

Money and power corrupt and the educational system is not immune to the effects. There is no virtue in academia and really never has been once it because a pseudo business model for liberals.

Lastly, the character of an individual is far more important as it applies to their career options than anything else. A hard worker who takes their responsibilities seriously will always be a better producer. Getting a degree from what is the equivalent of a diploma mill will not get you any further ahead without character.

Linda Fox said...

Beautifully said, Glenda