Monday, March 11, 2019

My History Bias

I majored in History in college (minored in Science). I learned of the usual actions of early civilizations coming to power. Their first action was almost always to destroy the statues and monuments of former rulers and gods.

That's what happened when the Taliban took over Afghanistan - the Progressives were solidly against such atrocities.

So, why are they now doing the same - destroying the history of previous rulers? You don't have to love the Confederacy to appreciate that it, and the war that followed, shaped the United States.

It's ALMOST as though their former principle of letting the previous regimes statues and monuments stand was just a convenience. I cannot think of anything more superstitious than the idea that if you can destroy the monuments, you have defeated your enemy. But, that's what the whole Take-Down-the-Monuments controversy seems to indicate - superstition.

I suppose we can't expect more of a people who have anthropomorphized "Mother Earth" - who is now known in Leftist circles as Gaia.

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