Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Struggle of the American People Against the Leftists

Read the whole thing - TripleSphincteredWombat has hit this out of the park.

The Leftist actions that are happening are not just happenstance, They are deliberate, coordinated, and targeted at their ideological enemies, and those - even on their own side - who would protest use of those tactics.

We - those of us on the Right - are not even the main targets, this time. That would be the Left that is not fervent enough, not committed enough, not ready to denounce even their most beloved family and friends.

Because of the brutality and aggressiveness of their tactics, they will likely continue - for a time.

Then, IF there are any survivors left, a correction may occur that will enable their political demise.

Pelosi is one of those that have been targeted, along with others that are considered "not revolutionary enough".

For once, the 'struggle' is not primarily against us. The most hopeful outcome is that it MAY open the eyes of those on the fence - the RINOS and other 'moderates', including moderate Dems. IF they survive the purge.

I wouldn't be surprised if, at some point, Rand Paul is targeted - not just physically (that's already happened), but politically.

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