Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Post-Mueller - All Hope is Gone?

Oh, once the sobbing, cursing, and chair-throwing is over, they MIGHT, once again, attempt another coup.

Not that likely, though - at least, any action that would be more than marginally effective.

They broke The Resistance.

Only those desperate enough (Shirley Jackson-Lee? Comey? Rachel Maddow?) will continue the farce. The rest of us will adjust to the New Reality.

Hard to believe that, just over a year ago, hopes were high for Mueller. He was raised to near-deity status. Even the cut of his clothes was worshipped (the clothes were standard upper-class nothing special).

Think I'm kidding? See here.


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Sam L. said...

It's The New Yorker. It thinks it's higher class than the NYT, and it might be, but its just a similar intellectual mess, as best I can tell.