Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Engineering third-world immigration.


RM said...

A very powerful and apparently well researched video. However, at the 5:31 mark a statement is made that sounds to me untrue. "And while mother nature had ear marked the fossil peoples of Africa for extinction..." Are today's Africans "fossil peoples"? I know that the average African IQ is far lower than that of average Westerners or Asians but is the narrator stating that they are sub-human? Were the Africans marked for extinction by nature? People have lived in Africa for as long as the timeline goes. I would say that Western aid and invention has kept far more Africans alive than there would be without it, but extinction? That's a reach in my opinion. The West is being destroyed by the traitors currently running the show via this mass invasion by invitation. They are bringing about our destruction. I know that you might think this is a reach but I believe that the stage is being set for The Beast of Revelation (One World government) and the end of the age of God's grace. The good news is God triumphs in the end and all of these S.O.B.s finally get what they deserve. For eternity. Thanks for sharing this video Colonel.

Col. B. Bunny said...

You make a good point. I let that pass without comment as the immigration realities are the important story.

I don't see extinction either. As you point out Africa has supported and will support Africans for a long while. The effect of Western woolyheaded humanitarianism, however, have doubled the population of Egypt IIRC. If not there, then everywhere else population has blossomed in proportion to Western agricultural, medical, and direct food assistance. Future population growth is more of the same exponential population growth and millions fleeing African realities.

The Western response, if past is prologue, will be that, of course, a flow of millions of Africans north must simply be supinely accomodated.

How fragile the Western economies are just now is something that concerns a lot of observers with better insight and skills than I have. I do focus on the fact that a SLIGHT interruption in our just-in-time truck delivery network will mean empty shelves in a matter of three days, max.

If there's a hiccup here like that, or one that lasts, say, two weeks, it's going to be full-on whooping cough in Africa. At one point about 10 years ago or so, I read that Egypt had about 30 days of foreign reserves with which to buy grain. Just guessing at the "30" but it was a small number. I guess it was a crisis that was averted though I do not know how.

I don't see the presence of God in this life, sad to say. But His way, as I suspect it to be, is one-way ticket to Realville, as Rush likes to say. I suspect were close to reaching that destination as, for one reason, the marginal utility of further central bank stimulus is approaching zero. That means no more tools available to deal with debt (not that anyone has been "dealing" with our debt). The temporary became permanent and the temporary was reckless and divorced from the fundamentals.

Do not make investment decisions based on my views! :-)