Thursday, March 14, 2019

Progressives Need to Step Away From the Abyss

First, they held that we were terrible people - Deplorables - who were obstructing the Right Things to Do. Not Nazis themselves, but deluded, confused, easily led and Not-Too-Bright underclasses.

Then, they said we were, in fact, Nazis, or, at least, Fascist Sympathizers. Most of us were bewildered by the idea that those who were attacked - physically and financially, through boycotts, intimidations, forced firings/resignations, harassment at home, being ejected from public places and social media - could possibly be this Enemy of the People.

But, so the charge was lodged. The fact that it was alleged was used as "proof" that the charge was true. They backed up their charges by citing extreme Left 'authorities' such as the SPLC.

Violence against politicians - if the victim was not a Leftist - were buried and minimized. They recently refused the nearly-killed Congressman and Majority Whip Steve Scalise a chance to speak at a hearing on gun violence, as an actual victim of a gun crime.

The new congresswoman from Michigan, hours after being sworn in, cursed in vulgar language, swearing that "We're going to impeach the motherf****r." She did not use asterisks, she flatly used the full word. That was Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich). Video below.

And, now, a newly elected Congresswoman from MN asserts that Trump is not even human - video below.

Many of us who are Not-Left have been wondering if we are approaching Civil War 2.0. American Claremont's American Mind site says - and I agree - we are BEYOND that point.

It's here. Now.

They hate us. They have contempt for us, and no hesitation about displaying it openly. They viciously attack us in public, in our homes, and use thug tactics to threaten our livelihoods, our safety, and our ability to function in a modern society.

I hate this. I have family and friends on both sides. When it's all over, there will be a putative victor (because a fight so infused with hatred must end in complete surrender for one side), but there will not be peace. It will end in bitterness, lasting distrust, and unwillingness to associate with the other side in any way. It will be the end of the United States, as we have known it.

Logic has not stopped their lies. Resort to the courts is a lost cause. They have taken over the legislative bodies, maligning and intimidating any opposition, threatening the established leadership, and using underhanded means in their climb to power.

I don't see an end that doesn't culminate in death - many of them.



I keep saying it. They're MISSIONARIES.

They have a goal: worldwide unistate Socialism. And, like the Terminator, they will not stop - EVER - until we are dead. Thus, while I echo your plea for them to step back, they won't. They will CHEERFULLY force a civil war in the dead-set, faith-driven certainty that out of the chaos that such an event would bring - doubtless with the world going up in flames with the central Pax Americana gone - Socialism and the peoples' paradise.

They really believe this will happen.

Glenda T Goode said...

We are well past having irreconcilable differences. We have passed the point of accusations that imply major character faults. Linda has pointed this out well.

So at what point will the first real conflict occur???? The civil war began before Fort Sumter was shelled. The secession of the states were the line in the sand that once crossed meant war. There was no need for interpretation or conversation. The implications of secession were obvious.

In today's conflict both sides acknowledge that they are at loggerheads as far as the direction the nation should proceed. There have been incidents of violence between citizens aligned with differing sides. Still, there has been no lines drawn in the sand.

This is because in order for a formal civil war to start a state or states would need to declare their unwillingness to participate any longer in the status quo in the federal government. While there are many states who are dominated by one ideal or the other, none are so universally towards one side that they can with the confidence in their electorate such that they dare to take a step such as this.

What is left is a less distinct form of conflict which would be rebellion. A rebellion can start in a region or within a political philosophy that would cause them to act with force to assert their right to pursue their beliefs. There have been rebellions in the past and none have survived suppression by the federal government.

We stand at the yawning gap of history where our nation is distinctly divided and where we go from here is not all that simple a question. I do believe there is a tipping point but exactly where that is seems to be difficult to determine.

Aesop said...

No, we're not "there now".
Because they aren't killing you on the streets, neither singly nor in batches, nor are you doing that to them.

And that, plainly, is the only way you'll know when we are "there now".

But we aren't far from it, though as yet it hides somewhere out amidst the fog. Which is clearly the Fog Of War.

It's visible, but it hasn't yet rolled in, save in small wisps.
Know what it and its arrival portends, and make the most of the time left you, however much or little that may yet be.

Neither will the aftermath be the long twilight distrust you imagine.
When the civil conflict you imagine arises, it will be a war of survival, and there will be but one victor left standing afterwards. There will be no Marshall Plan, no Appomattox kindness and conciliatory welcome of separated brothers.

This will be Rome vs. Carthage, for all time.

One side only shall leave the field triumphant, the other side shall cease to exist for all time.

So it must be, and so it shall.

One doesn't make peace with a cancer.