Sunday, March 24, 2019

Retrenchment Or Revengement?

     We have entered a significant phase in the political wars. The Main Stream / Legacy / Major Media – if you don’t know which outlets I’m talking about, you probably live in a cave without WiFi, and may God bless and keep you for that — must now make a choice on which their continued existence might well depend. The choice, being rather stark, will undoubtedly cause great pain to many in the “news” industry, from the bottom to the top of their hierarchies.

     The Democrats, their longtime allies in all matters political, have seriously let them down. Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, et alii virtually promised them insider-supported coverage of the impeachment of President Trump and his ultimate removal from office. The reassurances have never ceased that Robert Mueller and his team of ill-concealed witch hunters would surely turn up enough dirt on Trump that even if the Senate were to decline to convict him, he’d leave the White House out of pure embarrassment. But with the final report in Attorney-General William Barr’s hands and Mueller’s statement that there are no indictments forthcoming, it appears that nothing nearly that dramatic will happen, whether to the president or to any of his relatives, friends, or inner political circle.

     The media must now choose their path forward: will they attempt to separate themselves from their previous, lurid, Democrat-talking-point-laced coverage of the president and the Mueller investigation, or will they perform a major mea maxima culpa before their dwindling audiences and turn savagely on the Democrats who misled them?

     Tough call, eh?

     Considering how difficult it is for ordinary folks to admit to serious errors in judgment, my money is on the former path…but I must say, I shan’t “bet big.” The Democrats’ abuse of their media allies over the past two years goes beyond anything I can remember. Media barons would be entirely within reason to be enraged to the point of vengeance: publicly castigating their abusers for their frauds and permanently disassociating their networks and newspapers from them. An honest man would do so – but how many honest men remain in the major media?

     We might have an answer to that question very soon.

     It’s an old maxim of us freedom weenies that most sins are self-punishing. The sinner learns from the pain and loss attendant upon his misdeed and reforms, or at least tries to. That’s as it should be in a lawful universe. But there are some sins that reward the sinner adequately to compensate for the pain and loss. If it were otherwise, the recidivism rates would be far lower.

     There’s no reason to go much deeper into this. The time has come for us in the Right to do something we generally dislike to do: pay attention to those media that have aligned themselves with the political Left and see what course they elect. They needn’t issue a full-throated endorsement of President Trump and his policies to earn at least a little forgiveness, though considering how good Trump and his policies have been for America, it would surely be appropriate. But forgiveness must be preceded by repentance. Some sort of apology, coupled to some degree of criticism of those who have misled them and (by extension) us, is mandatory. A continuation of the frauds, regardless of the pretext, would be justification for figuratively burning their institutions to the ground and salting the earth where they stood. Liars must not remain in command of the world’s largest megaphones.

     And with that it’s time to prepare for Mass. Enjoy your Sunday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

It never occurred to me that the media would turn on the dems.
Probably because the media ARE the dems.
But one can hope.

LiberTarHeel said...

IMO: any "apology" will be crocodile tears; any 'revengement' will be scapegoating; any 'retrenchment' will be "On, on, on to the next one".

Whatever action/reaction in which the controllers partake will be false, misleading, classist, and vicious in the extreme. They are too far down the path of laying waste to behave any differently until the denouement.

Thomas said...

I consistently read your missives most every day, so it's with great surprise that I see you decided to actually pen this column overflowing with naivete. There will be no forthcoming mea culpa from the legacy media, nor will there be any blame placed upon their ideological allies, the Democrats in Congress. The prime reason for this is that each of these supposedly independent organizations and are one and the same rotten, corrupt, and evil entity. On the other hand, perhaps this was a way for you to discern your readership, to see if their ability to comprehend and deduce the evidence laid before them day after insufferable day via media broadcasts by the perpetrators themselves was up to par.

Something tells me that you suffer no real illusions of distinguishing the media from the legislators they control.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Zam: I give one warning; this is yours. I am anything but "naive." I greatly dislike and resent being called "naive," or anything else that denigrates my intellect or erudition. Keep those facts firmly in mind if you want to comment here in the future.

Sam L. said...

I believe the media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem party. I could be wrong, and it's the Dem party that's the wholly-owned subsidiary, but I'd need a LOT of proof for that. I can't see either of them repenting. They'll keep trying.

Linda Fox said...

The longer this dreck goes on, the better the case for female disenfranchisement gets. That REALLY upsets me - because too many of my sex are idiots, I may lose my rights.

Why? Because females are the ones leading this parade, with the vengeful grace, dignity, and rationality of a Revolutionary mob. If it were just the men involved in this crusade, it would be over.

Not women - they would sooner DIE than give up a grudge.

Paul W said...

I do not believe that the media will repent in any fashion, and they especially will not turn on the Dems as a whole. Oh, maybe Ms. Occasional Cortex will get what's coming to her...but only if TPTB in the Dem Party want that to be so. Put simply, in my opinion the media (with a few exceptions) is pretty much totally in the tank for the Left, and the Dems ARE the Left.