Thursday, March 7, 2019

Hatred of Russia.

Now, why do the globalist conspirators’ hold this animosity against Russia? Are they willing to nuke Moscow because the Russians have refused to change it into another San Francisco? Are they going to destroy Russia because Russian doctors have not assassinated 6 million unborn and born babies in the past ten years? Does the fact that the Russians don’t have a Marxist graduated tax, but a flat one, anger them so much that they want to send the Russian people to a mass nuclear grave? Will they use the threat of nuclear war to force the Russians to change St. Petersburg into a crime-ridden city such as Chicago or Oakland? Or the fact that Russians are not under the exploitation of Big Pharma and Big Med make them nervous because of the bad example? Or the real problem is that, adding insult to injury, Russia has not allowed an invasion of illegal aliens to trespass its borders?

Well, those are questions that may explain why the CFR globalist conspirators and their agents hate Russia so much. My guess, however, is that the main reason for their hatred and fear is because the Russians have decided not to join the conspirator’s New World Order. Moreover, I think that the true purpose of the never-ending Mueller investigation has nothing to do with the past election, but to drive a wedge between Trump and Putin to avoid an alliance that scares the globalist conspirators.

"Another Missile Crisis In The Making?" By Servando Gonzalez, News with Views, 3/5/19.

H/t: Gates of Vienna.



"I think that the true purpose of the never-ending Mueller investigation has nothing to do with the past election, but to drive a wedge between Trump and Putin to avoid an alliance that scares the globalist conspirators."

I can't point to the specific place(s) but I've said the same thing.

If Russia and the US joined forces, at least militarily, and really went for it the Islamists would be swept aside pronto. Since the Left and the Islamists are allied in hate against Western Civilization, it serves their purpose VERY well to see Trump and Putin sundered.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I know hard core conservatives. Real anit-communist warriors and God bless them for that. I was the same though I fought squad-level skirmishes. These other people, including Diana West and J.R. Nyquist are still majorly energized over the threat of resurgent communism in Russia. One great friend thinks that the fall of the Soviet Union was a deception operation. IKYN. Myself, I see it as a genuine watershed moment and think that the real danger is the dragons' teeth that got sewed in the soil of the rest of the world. E.g., Merkel, Obama. There's something to this insane "We're No. One" mentality in American elites though. An absurd pursuit in itself.

The lost opportunity here is tragic. The massive waste and spinning of wheels is just sad. For myself, I've gone 180 and see Russia as something entirely new with no interest in reviving communism. People "forget" that when Putin said the fall of the Soviet Union was a geopolitical disaster he immediately said that anyone who thinks that communism should return has holes in his head. Russia's problems are the mafia, the oligarchs, and the soliviki.

But we're determined to look under the bed for Russians forever. It's all quite dishonest, of course. Part of our overall madness in fomenting wars, kowtowing to the Israeli agenda, importing the third world, and completely ignoring the post-war attempt at constructing a world with mutual security at its core. The UN is goofy and corrupt in a number of ways but adherence to the principles that only the Security Council can authorize military action where self defense is not an issue would have saved a lot of lives and massive destruction.

Bottom line: domestic and international policy is made with no regard to true national interest or an honest search for peace and stabiity in the world.

Rick T said...

Russia is a Christian country facing our common enemies: Islam, and the Han Chinese. Heck, Jerry Pournelle had the USA and Russia as allies in his CoDominium series from 40 years ago when the Soviets were still in power.

We should be pursing our national interest. Period. Full Stop. "Peace" and "Stability in the World" are will-o-the-wisps leading us towards destruction. Peace will come to the Middle East or Africa when one side is dead or all competing versions of Islam are suppressed.

As has been said, "It takes two to make Peace but only one side to make War"

Col. B. Bunny said...

I'm with you on all of that. The essence of wisdom to me at this advanced age is that people are going to do what they're going to do. Trying to interfere in that process is like pushing back on a locomotive. Lord, I'd love to see us worship "equilibrium" more than "change."

Under the communists, Afghanistan was on the verge of becoming a somewhat modern country. Maybe it would have ended like the Shah's Iranian experiment. I don't know. I probably wasn't much of a fan of the commie government then but in retrospect it was just the ticket for those jokers.

I'm more jaundiced about America in the world now than I ever was back then. We really don't have a nation that I can even recognize now. Maybe we could have deescalated the military confrontation, allowed the commies to waste THEIR resources by military involvement around the world and accruing client states, and focusing on rooting out domestic commies. We did the opposite. Bled ourselves dry and encouraged commie subversion and garden-variety sedition at home whenever we could.

Venezuela's a good case for this approach. Clearly its socialism is a mistake but we involved ourselves for nothing with sanctions. Surely a crime. So they're in love with socialism. Fine. How's that working for you? But, no, we've got Energizer Bunny Pompeo trying to put our body English on what happens there.

Not sure this addresses your ideas but, hey.


I was in Iran before the revolution, albeit as a child. Persians I know here have been warm and friendly people. Carter, like so many on the Left, projected his own personality and values onto the Ayatollah. Ironically, I remember one cocktail party (!) when people were complaining about the Shah and his "oppression" and hoping for better with Khomeini came back.

I'd love to find these people and ask "So, how'd that work out for you?"

My wife is a secular, former USSR Muslim. And, G-d willing, a Jew by the end of the year.

Andy Texan said...

I heard Candidate Trump speak of a summit with Putin should he win, even before inauguration. Right after that the conspirators got busy making sure it would not happen.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Nitzakhon, I thought I had an exotic background being born and raised in S. Africa. Your wife sounds like she's made quite a spiritual and temporal journey herself. I thought the Shah's White Revolution was a genuine effort to lift up Iran. His "secret police" got tagged with the "very bad" label and it stuck. Much like Assad, the "brutal dictator." As you point out, the Mullahs came along with something much worse. Back then, anyway. I'm not convinced there's been no amelioration of that initial regime's harshness though I'm not well read on that. The demonizing of Iran has all the odor and sound of what's just casually said of Russia so my nonsense detectors go off all the time.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Pryzant, that's par for the course. I waited for the Republicans to kick ass and take names when they took over in '10. Boehner sat there and I figured a week or two to get oriented and fire up the troops but it was Ye Customary Fizzle. Same with Trump on Syria. I figured a week on the job he's still finding his way to the Coke machine but in week two we're outta Syria baby. We all know how that went.

I don't care who you've got arrayed against you as pres, you've still got some weapons you can use preemptively. But Trump doesn't seem to think conceptually or strategically and gets caught up in Twitter trivialities.

A military instructor on the topic of leadership said a general has lost if he picks up an anti-tank rocket launcher. He's reduced to being a mere troop. QED. That's Trump. It was Trump thrashing about to find the right subordinates and tossing this one and that one. The end game got obscured by the confusion.