Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why Just Passing Legislation OR Building a Wall is NOT Enough

We have passed legislation - the courts, and the Deep State, have done their best to wipe out any improvements from those legislative efforts.

We have - in some parts - built walls. Not enough, but some. The wall won't solve the problem of getting rid of those aliens that overstay visas, come in through border checkpoints, or agree to show up for hearings after release, that are currently clogging the system.

That there is a backlog of aliens currently residing in this country is, for the most part, the courts' fault (particularly the 9th District).

Administratively, the President could simply enforce the rule that any alien who presents themself for asylum must apply in the country nearest his own nation. If they are here, their application's forward motion is halted until they return to that nearest country. If they remain here, they are automatically deportable.

No more catch and release - catch, and shove them on a bus/plane. Drop them off at an embassy. Don't use ICE agents to return them - contract that job out (talk about a jobs program!).

This article details the means that Leftists are using to circumvent the law and barriers.

With this in mind, Trump's focus on appointing judges - YOUNG judges - is critical in the long run.

UPDATE: I just saw this link to an effort by Leftist activists to eliminate private prisons - which hold a substantial number of aliens who have broken into our country.

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