Sunday, March 10, 2019

A tour de force on our long decline.

I highly recommend Mr. Gore’s entire article to you. Here’s an extract:
The middle class being a relatively new phenomenon, nobody can say what the consequences of the all-out war against it will be. It is the bedrock of modern economies and its destruction will take out most of the developed world’s productive capacity and consumer markets. That doesn’t seem to bother the statists. How they plan to free themselves from the economies that sustain them is a question they ignore. It calls to mind Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged observation: the deaths they desire the most are their own. That has to be the true definition of insanity. Truer even than Einstein’s: repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

The notion that our rulers are insane has slipped loose from the alternative media where it was once confined. Certainly US foreign policy meets Einstein’s definition: repeated regime changes in the name of democracy promotion that promote only carnage and chaos, endlessly inconclusive interventions, war profiteering, terrorism, and intense hatred of the American people and its government around the world. Donald Trump questioned those repeated failures and that provided his margin of victory in 2016.[1]

I’ve not thought in terms of our rulers being insane but my most recent epiphany – my 1974 reading of The Gulag Archipelago being the proximate cause of my last one – is that our ruling class is bitterly hostile to white civilization and determined to run it into the ground and flood it with third-world savages who hate the West more than they rulers do. From that epiphany flow a sullen, leaden disposition on my part and a refusal to grant the least bit of legitimacy to the current correlation of forces operating higher than the level of municipal government. In some municipalities, not even that. Think Portland, Oregon.

I doubt that I’m unique in this regard.

The middle class is certainly on life support now. Same for the working class. I wonder, however, if the former isn’t fatally infected with a need to not rock the boat and resist taking decisive action until all matters of family safety, employment security, and personal liberty are merely academic concerns. The soporific effect of media monopoly and a constant flow of juvenile and progressive filth over the airwaves play a part in the paralysis that we see. We’re still a long way from witnessing any middle class rebellion. The Tea Party patriots were a cause for hope but their concerns were too limited and they got coopted.

That said, Mr. Gore has written a more detailed version of Herb Stein’s famous observation, If it can’t go on, it won’t. Illinois will be interesting to watch. We had Detroit to inspire us on the topic of the black underclass and urban decay. Illinois, Chicago, really, will instruct us on how politicians will kick and flounder while they try to square the fiscal circle and will hit the “tax” and “extortion” buttons like demented chimpanzees until reality returns, as it must. The pathologies that flow from Chicago will be an object lesson for us all.

[1] "How Much Longer Will The Middle-Class Politely Tolerate Its Own Destruction?"

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