Friday, March 29, 2019

The Political Uses Of Public Fatigue

     I’m tired. I’m sure a lot of my Gentle Readers are, too. And our fatigue is being used as a weapon against us.

     The constant, brain-numbing, two year drumbeat of “Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion, collusion, collusion, obstruction, obstruction, obstruction,” with copious grace notes supplied by such pillars of public probity as Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Eric Swalwell, and John Brennan, has wearied anyone to the right of Gus Hall. What we most want – yea, even those of us jubilant about President Trump’s exoneration – is for it all to go away.

     Oh, we’ll enjoy the “victory lap” for a while, as long as we don’t have to run it personally. But further personal inquiry into the details of the Deep State Coup? Too much! Take it away and bring us a Waldorf salad. At this point not one in a thousand of us has the perseverance to plumb deeper.

     Some dedicated investigators have compiled highly detailed and utterly damning cases against various highly-placed Democrats, DoJ and FBI functionaries, and their media handmaidens for their roles in this attempt to bring down a duly elected president and his Administration. Here’s a very recent one. The information Jeff Carlson has assembled and exposed could be vital to the future of the Republic – the immediate future, not some hazy far-off future even our grandkids are unlikely to see.

     You can be fully conscious of the critical importance of such information and profoundly appreciative of those who’ve unearthed it yet not be able to read it. It happened to me just this morning. I tried most determinedly to read Carlson’s article, but I was defeated by the MEGO effect: Mine Eyes Glazeth Over.

     That’s by design.

     [A]lmost all liberal behavioral tropes track the impotent rage of small children. Thus for example, there is also the popular tactic of repeating some stupid, meaningless phrase a billion times: Arms for hostages, arms for hostages, arms for hostages, it’s just about sex, just about sex, just about sex, dumb, dumb, dumb, money in politics, money in politics, money in politics, Enron, Enron, Enron. Nothing repeated with mind-numbing frequency by all major news outlets will not be believed by some members of the populace. It is the permanence of evil; you can’t stop it.

     [Ann Coulter, Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right]

     Coulter’s early best-seller is an important one to revisit at this time. While her approach is somewhat rambling, she does an excellent job of delineating the Left’s techniques for fraud and self-exculpation. The use of repetition is particularly important. Unending repetition of anything, even a single word, causes the meaning to leach out of it. The repetition of something unpleasant – accusations, defamations, obscenities – more than anything else makes us want it to go away.

     We’ve had more than two years of the accusations against first candidate and now President Trump. He’s suffered enough shrill defamations to sink the Titanic…yet he has not gone down. Now that all those accusations and defamations have been refuted, you’d expect that the makers would apologize and slink away, tails between their legs. That is, you’d expect it of ordinary decent persons with consciences and senses of shame.

     They haven’t. It’s unlikely that they will. Not because there’s any real possibility that they’ll be believed after all this, but because the repetition is essential to making the public want it all to go away. Now that dogged investigators are penetrating the edifice of corruption and malice that supported it, they fear that we might pay attention to them. Their necks are at risk – some legally, others occupationally – and their sole tool for keeping us out of their underwear drawers is unceasing repetition.

     Very few Americans will be able to resist the urge to close their eyes and stopper their ears. Indeed, we might come to resent those who plead with us to pay attention just a little longer. It’s happened before.

     There have been comparisons between the Left’s tactics in this matter and Goebbels’s “Big Lie” technique. There are indeed similarities there. In the U.S., which possesses a supposedly independent journalism industry, you’d think it would be supremely difficult, approaching impossible, to pull such tactics off. But our media have been so thoroughly colonized and conquered by the Left that what one might think pointless to attempt has become routine.

     In this connection, note the relentlessness of the Left’s efforts to “deplatform” anyone who dares to contradict their narratives. Big Tech, another colonized and conquered industry, has been instrumental in this undertaking. Why? Because the drumbeat must be uniform. It cannot abide the production of any alternate rhythms. They can’t get us all dancing to the same tune if other tunes are being played that we might listen to in preference.

     Some will follow their lure. Others will refuse to listen. Only a very few will remain doggedly engaged, determined to have the facts despite near-paralytic fatigue and the crescendo of relentlessly defamatory voices.

     I’ll try to read Carlson’s article again a little later. Wish me luck.


Linda Fox said...

SOME of that fatigue is intended. Certainly, many of the tactics used by the Left are designed to cost their opponents money and time, lead them to feel surrounded by opposition, and threaten any refuge they depend on - such as their home and family.

BUT - some of the stress is on US. We are, after all, the ones that make the decision to keep clicking on the politically-charged sites, jump into the 'conversation', and take attention from what really matters:
- Our home and family
- Our relationship with God
- Modeling the behavior of a moral citizen
- Taking care of self - physically, spiritually, and emotionally

And, perhaps most important, taking the time to put the focus on creating our own books/posts/films/memes/etc., that will then be employed by the many who cannot, or don't have the time to create, who will spread our message.

We need to work on putting our OWN output near the top of the Must-Do List. Along with the things mentioned above.

I'm not picking on you - I'm writing this to remind myself, as well.


I will opine that the multi-front attack is INTENDED to demoralize. People with more than three brain cells capable of firing at once on our side - and don't doubt some Leftists are very, very shrewd; never misunderestimate them :P - are keenly aware of the take-over of the schools, the courts, the enemedia, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. It's mind-boggling to see just how effective they've been.

I'm a broken record on this: they're missionaries. They believe they can change human nature to found the worldwide Socialist utopia. They believe this with every fiber of their beings; you believe in Jesus, I believe in Hashem, they believe in this.

Sam L. said...

Lefties will lie and NEVER EVER stop.