Monday, March 25, 2019

Retrenchment Or Revengement: The Jury Has Returned

     …and the verdict isn’t pretty:

     I'm seeing 2 big examples of how the media are reporting good news for Trump this weekend. It's really embarrassing for them because the 2 stories are very big and very good for Trump and, in both, the same move is made to turn it into something negative and ominous….

     So watch for it. The rule is: When something good for Trump happens, find the nearest bad thing and make that the focus of the news report.

     Miss Althouse provides citations from several sources. If you can control the desire to smash something and scream obscenities out the nearest open window – it’s a bit early to indulge in either of those admittedly rather enjoyable safety valves – read them; they’re worth your time.

     Some news outlets aren’t even doing that much to conceal their desires:

     CNN has a bad case of the sads today. But they still can’t get over the fact that NOTHING that Trump did was illegal during the 2016 campaign. CNN instead is now placing their hopes in the nut job communist Democrats impeaching Trump anyway, even though there is no collusion and no obstruction of justice….
     CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Sunday night reacted to the Mueller Report letdown by wondering if impeachment was still a possibility. Despite the finding of no collusion and a lack of obstruction, Blitzer offered this question to Dana Bash: “And the question is, Dana, very quickly, impeachment. Are they going to do anything or are they going to listen to Nancy Pelosi and say, ‘Forget about it?’”

     Instead of throwing cold water, Bash suggested, “We’re not there yet. I think the most important thing that we’re going to look for next is what Jerry Nadler just said, which is he’s going to have Barr come up, they’re going to grill him on this. Maybe even Mueller. And then they’re going to take the next step.”

     The Democrats’ head lock on the media appears unbreakable. Of course, the media likes having things to “report,” and what could be more “reportable” than the impeachment and trial of a sitting president? Maybe another war? But the Trump Administration is against further American adventurism. Then perhaps a huge natural disaster? Well, maybe if we could have one happen right under Washington, D.C….but I digress.

     If memory serves, when President Clinton was impeached the media’s mantra was “It’s just about sex, it’s just about sex, it’s just about sex…” repeated until Hell wouldn’t have it. Republicans are their preferred targets, and their thirst for blood remains unsated.

     Stay tuned, if you can bear it.


Linda Fox said...

OMZ! We must share a brain or something!

Mark said...

Like activist-scientists and Global Warming hysteria, the Left will ignore AND suppress any evidence that does not support their desired outcome.

Had the report been damning of President Trump, they would have accepted it lock, stock, and barrel and headlined it 24 hours a day for months.

Glenda T Goode said...

I tend to believe the media has a head lock on the democrats and not the other way around to be honest. Either way it is zealotry that drives the mantra now and I am pretty sure the rest of the herd that is the democratic party will follow along in the quest to expel Trump. Little do they know they are sealing their fate in 2020.

The actual portion of the electorate that is invested in the 'dump Trump at any cost' movement is fairly small. At some point the pure insanity of this movement will surface when it becomes patently obvious to all that there is no substance to the accusations and that it has been a monumental waste of time and resources to keep chasing the white whale of impeachment.

How poorly it will go for the democrats in 2020 will depend on how long they keep banging the drum. You can only go so far on negative campaigning and if you go to far the knee jerk back will be substantial.