Wednesday, March 6, 2019


How many times do we have to read excerpts like the following before we believe that they describe the essence of our urban future, not just some transient aberration? Wherever there is a Negro underclass, there will you find a destroyed community with its enabling Democrat parasite class. Anyone who still swoons over the wonders of the civil rights revolution is a victim serious self delusion.
Seven decades of one party rule in Philadelphia has wrought murder, squalor, poverty, corruption, debt, welfare enslavement and guaranteed Democrat voters. This is the Democrat plan for the entire nation and is why they desperately want to keep the borders open to more Democrat voters. If successful, they will turn the entire nation into one giant shithole.[1]
Sorry for the profanity. There’s simply not enough of it.

America, as presently constituted as a nation with a universal franchise and one in thrall to Negroes, foreigners, and sacrilege, simply cannot do better than maintain cities that are rigidly segregated. One segment of all those cities can be said to be civilized and orderly. The other segment or segments are little more than a concrete jungle saturated with the vilest social pathologies and every active manifestation of or precursor of decay and chaos. A previously white city that develops a substantial black population will default to this. And whites, whether progressives or conservatives, unfortunate enough to find themselves in the black areas will instantly decamp to other areas where they can find “good schools” for their children.

Wedded to the notion that these two state-of-the-art expressions of urban bliss make all kinds of cultural and political sense, the political class will ensure the rotten part of our cities will drag the whole down. Whatever flowery and delusional notions wash through the palaces and drawing rooms of our national aristocracy, the urban footings of the nation are inexorably crumbling away. The proverbial house built on sand. A normal, secure existence is simply denied to everyone. Each lunatic idea adopted more asinine that the one before.

In the 1960s, St. Louis City had marvelous area called Gaslight Square. It was two or three blocks of restaurants and night life, the Dixieland bands being the best part. Gradually the strip clubs appeared and the immediate neighborhood became the usual place to tread warily, if at all. In due course, the Square died and the squalor now spreads west on Delmar Boulevard into University City. Back then, I’d go there after midnight on my motorcycle for the freshest of amazing glazed donuts but now it’s only a place for fools with a taste for adventure.

Urbanity used to signify a liberating atmosphere and mindset that suggested gaiety, creativity, innovation, and broadness of mind. Think Algonquin Hotel and the delicious wit of Dorothy Parker. Now “urban” signifies squalor and crime.

Away from our towns and small cities, this is really our bedrock national experience. An epic cultural, political, and intellectual fail.

[1] "One Man's Commute Through West Philadelphia: 30 Blocks Of Potholes, Shitholes, & Assholes." By Jim Quinn, ZeroHedge, 3/5/19.


sykes.1 said...

While Democrats desire some blame, the situation in cities like Philadelphia is due to they're being black cities. The various black disabilities are genetic and incurable. They will always convert any place they control into Darkest Africa.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Quite so. As a commenter I recently ran across observed, "Give a white man a pile of bricks and he'll build a city. Give a black man a city and he'll turn it into a pile of bricks." Even the sainted Mandela liked to sing a song with the line, "Kill the Boers." That was and is state-of-the-art black thinking. One way or the other, black culture will default to economic stupidity and albino hunting.

Shell said...

" A previously white city that develops a substantial black population will default to this. And whites, whether progressives or conservatives, unfortunate enough to find themselves in the black areas will instantly decamp to other areas where they can find “good schools” for their children."

Precisely why I took my family and left my hometown at age 49, the small city in the near southern suburbs of Atlanta where I was raised and had lived my entire life. The place went to shit, a black woman who ran for county office had the slogan "It's OUR turn now!" on her campaign signs, and an old friend of mine who also had been there all his life was told, "You need to move. This is a black neighborhood now."

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks for your very interesting story.

One of my favorite stories is about a woman who called in to a St. Louis radio station about living in an apartment building and having the blacks move in. She baked a cake for a black woman who had moved into an apartment on a lower floor. A kind welcoming gesture I think we can all agree. She knocked on her door and presented the cake only to be met by hostility from the new arrival. Clearly she was frosted but told the story matter of factly. It follows as the night the day that she probably decamped soon after that.

Soldan High School was further east on Delmar, I think, from the area I described in my post. At one time it was the school for the St. Louis elite. I think a big-time lawyer in Washington was a grad, though his name is escaping me just now. Ah, Clark Clifford? Well, of course it turned into a nightmare black school.

This has been accepted as normal in late-20th c. America. Oh, another neighborhood gone Congo. Fancy that. Just the price we pay for being so kind and accommodating to our black citizens. Yet, we all pretend that this is a life-affirming phenomenon. City after city crumbles. The photos of Detroit are heart breaking. State of the art American political class work product. Utter decay and free reign for vandals and mold.

Ironic that the leading case striking down restrictive covenants in deeds was a St. Louis case.

MMinWA said...

If you don't self segregate, you're out of your mind.

Col. B. Bunny said...

True. And every leftist zealot makes sure that he does exactly that. While lecturing on the joys of diversity.